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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Generator?

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A generator can be a life saver when you are faced with a loss of power to your home. Your generator can power anything from a refrigerator to your entire home. So keeping your generator working properly for when you need it could be the difference between having heat and light in the midst of a natural disaster, or being literally left out in the cold.
The average cost to repair a generator is around $235. Smaller 7-10 kW models will typically be on the lower end, costing around $50, and 30-45 kW models on the high end costing as much as $600. Whether it is a portable or standby generator will also affect the cost of repairs.


There are a few different types of generators. Portable generators are less powerful and are suitable for powering a couple of appliances in your home for a few hours. They require a lot of fuel and need to be consistently refilled to keep working. Standby generators are installed as a permanent fixture and are usually connected to a natural gas or propane line. There is a range of standby generators, too, depending on power. Some are only powerful enough to power a few appliances while others can power your entire home if necessary. The cost to repair a generator will be more expensive for a standby generator compared to a portable model.


Generators come in different sizes, denoted by kilowatts. Small models typically deliver 7-10 kW; mid-size models are 12-20 kW; and large models deliver 22-45 kW. The larger models are much more complicated and the cost to repair a generator will definitely be the highest with these models. The small and less powerful the generator, the less the cost to repair a generator will be.


The problem that you're having with your generator will ultimately decide what the cost to repair a generator will end up being. If it's an electrical issue with your electrical meter or power panel, then you'll need to hire a licensed electrician and the cost to repair your generator will increase. If it's a problem with your fuel tank, then you might need to contact your local utility company to check the connection to your fuel line.


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Mark Horton More than 1 year ago
I'll let you know once I've had my generator diagnosed and/or repaired.
Hector Mitchell More than 1 year ago
Portable Generator

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