How Much Does Crawl Space Repair and Cleaning Cost?

Typical Range:

$1,500 - $15,000

Find out how much your project will cost.

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Updated June 24, 2021

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Cost to Clean or Repair Crawl Space

average cost to repair or clean a crawl space is $6,000 or $1,500 to $15,000.

On average, repairing your crawl space costs $6,000. Depending on the exact problem, total expenses can range between $1,500 and $15,000. The price for a simple crawl space cleaning runs $500 to $4,000 depending on size, accessibility and most importantly what’s being removed.

Mainly for you and your family’s health, keep your crawl space clean and dry. Dirt, mold and pest droppings might affect your home’s air, especially if you have ductwork running beneath it. Hiring a pro is crucial to remove the root of the problem.

Some reasons you’ll want to call in a pro to clean and encapsulate the area include:

  • Insect and rodent damage

  • Settling foundation

  • Improper insulation

Average Cost to Repair a Crawl Space

Average Cost$6,000
High Cost$15,000
Low Cost$1,500

Crawl Space Repair Cost

Crawl space repairs cost $1,500 to $15,000. In many situations, you’ll probably find you need a combination of repairs, cleaning and preventative measures. For example, if you have moldy, rotted beams, you’ll probably want to clean it, replace any damaged beams and install an encapsulation system to lower humidity levels and avoid the problem down the road.

Crawl Space Repair Prices
Repair TypeAverage Cost
Foundation$2,000 - $7,000
Water Damage$1,200 - $4,500
Insulation$1,000 - $4,000
Structural$1,500 - $5,000
Encapsulation$1,500 - $15,000

Crawl Space Foundation Settling Repair Cost

Fixing a settling or sinking foundation costs $2,000 to $7,000 or more. You might need to replace or shore up supports, fix cracks and relevel the house. A pro typically secures it with either piers/piles or mudjacking.

You’ll also want to look at soil related issues that might cause future problems.

Wet Crawl Space Repair Cost

Repairing and cleaning water damage costs $1,200 to $5,100 with extreme flooding exceeding $9,000. Preventative measures, like encapsulation and waterproofing, can run $15,000 or more. You might have to restore or replace walls and/or individual wooden beams, which can range up to $2,000. Further actions increase that budget, like mold removal and fixing insulation damage.

Cost to Remove Insulation From Crawl Space

Crawl space insulation removal and replacement costs $1,000 to $4,000. Damaged or inadequate insulation affects energy efficiency. Price really depends on what type you get and whether you also waterproof the foundation.

Plenty of insulation keeps air temps from coming through the floorboards. This keeps your home just where you want it. Updating or sealing a vented or unsealed space can help by keeping the outside air from entering in the first place.

Replacing Support Beam in Crawl Space Cost

Replacing a support beam costs $1,500 to $5,000. It really depends on how hard it is to get to, what material you use (wood or steel) and any other structural damage you might have. You’ll also need to fix the root cause of the problem, usually a settling foundation or water damage.

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Crawl Space Cleaning Cost

Cleaning your crawl space professionally will range between $500 and $4,000. Most contractors charge based on three factors: the size of the space, condition and what they’re cleaning. For example, removing junk and construction debris won’t hurt your wallet much, but mold or pests runs into the thousands.

Crawl Space Cleaning Prices
Type of CleaningAverage Cost
Insects & Rodents$200 - $4,000
Mold$1,000 - $3,500


Removing pests costs $175 to $525. Some homeowners report a complete pest removal, cleaning and sealing runs from $2,000 to $4,000. Warm, wet areas attract insects and rodents. Find a pest control service near you to remove unwanted guests and treat the crawl space to prevent their return.

Mold in Crawl Space Removal Cost

Mold remediation costs $1,150 to $3,350. If you have mold, you probably have moisture or water issues too. Dealing with moisture in your crawlspace with encapsulation, vapor barriers, sealing and dehumidifiers keeps this problem for happening again.

Mold, mildew and bacteria develop in crawl spaces and enter the home through the air. Exposure to mold and other microorganisms can cause or worsen respiratory illnesses like asthma and allergies.

Crawl Space Fungus Treatment Cost

Removing fungi other than your typical mold, like mushrooms, white mold and slime fungi costs the same as any mold, or $1,000 to $3,500. You’ll use the same treatments with the same professionals. Most of these other types of mold don’t present a direct threat to your home, but they can trigger allergic reactions and do indicate a high level of moisture. This just means that, eventually, wood rot molds will take over.

Reasons to Clean

Cleaning should always be your first step before any comprehensive repairs.

Hire a trained professional to clean the space or wear proper safety gear and follow all necessary precautions to avoid getting sick.

A specialist will have the knowledge, equipment, and protective gear to handle potentially dangerous materials and situations like:

  • Pests

  • Rodents

  • Animal remains or waste

  • Fiberglass insulation

  • Asbestos

  • Small areas

  • Limited visibility

  • Mold

  • Sloped grade

Cost Factors to Crawl Space Cleaning & Repair Costs

Would you clean your whole home except the kitchen? Well, that crawlspace under your home, while out of sight, still affects your health. Keep it clean, dust and water free. The size, condition and actual problem all affect the costs.

Size of Space

Areas under 900 square feet might run $500 to $2,500 to clean out, while larger spaces go up to $4,500. The amount of debris and potential damage determine where in that range your project falls. If your crawl space is difficult to access, expect to add between $100 and $500 to your budget.


Simply cleaning out dirt and other debris runs under $1,000. Removing rodent droppings ranges from $800 to $3,000. With multiple issues, you’ll hit $4,500 or more.

DIY vs. Hire a Professional

With the right knowledge and experience, you might be able to pull off simple cleaning tasks. Clearing out debris is simple and can cost as little as $50 for a DIY job. But for water, pests and mold, bring in the pros. Also, call a pro for any repairs or preventative actions.

The type of issue you have tells you who to call:

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How can I prevent future crawl space issues?

Consider these preventative measures to avoid future crawl space issues:

Is crawl space encapsulation a good idea?

Crawl space encapsulation is a good idea for regulating humidity to avoid mold and keeps radon from entering your home.

Will water in crawl space go away?

Water in a crawl space will only go away if you have proper drainage or a dehumidifier.

What is the purpose of a crawl space under a house?

A crawl space under a home provides access to electrical, plumbing and HVAC ducts.

How do you disinfect a crawl space?

You can disinfect a crawl space with bleach or a borate spray for mold and mildew.

Can I renovate my crawl space?

Converting a crawl space into a basement costs $20,000 to $70,000. It adds storage, or you can finish into a living space. A full basement remodel costs another $10,000 to $30,000 depending on the size of the project and your desired finishings.

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