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Garage Door Installation Cost

According to more than 9,000 surveyed homeowners, the average cost to install a garage door is $1,090, or between $729 and $1,452. The total price should include the door itself, labor, new tracks for the door to move along, as well as associated adhesives, connectors and fasteners.
It is possible to save some money on time and labor by installing the door yourself; however, the sheer weight of some doors can pose a high risk of personal injury. If you think you'd like to attempt installation on your own, be sure to consult with your garage door retailer and choose a door that can be maneuvered safely.

How Much Does a New Garage Door Cost?

A garage door will cost anywhere from $200 for single doors to $4,000 for two or more doors, with better materials accounting for the higher cost.

Garage Door Installation Cost Factors

Installing a garage door involves:
  • Electrical wiring
  • Proper removal and disposal of the old garage door
  • Heavy and awkward installation
So, it is always best to have a new garage door installed by a professional. Make sure that any contractor bids include:
  1. the cost of removing your old garage door,
  2. installing the new tracks, and
  3. additional parts listed above.
The style and material of the garage door you choose, as well as whether you wish to have a garage door opener installed, will also impact the cost of your final project.
Typically, it will cost less to install a steel garage door without an opener than to install a custom wood door with a garage door opener. Recent innovations have also yielded high-tech doors with thick insulation and energy-efficient glaze, as well as finished interior surfaces and other significant upgrades. These are more expensive doors, but they are also extremely durable.

Garage Door Replacement Considerations

Replacing a garage door with a new installation usually averages around the same price as installing a new garage door. Homeowners might pay anywhere between $500 and $2,500 depending on a wide variety of factors including:
  • Materials: You'll choose a new door from a wide variety of materials, styles, shapes and sizes, which varies widely in price.
  • Workmanship: You could replace your garage door as a DIY project, but this could lead to extensive repairs and maintenance down the road if done incorrectly. So best to hire a professional.
  • Location: Where you live and how your house is designed will determine the type of door you need and how much the professional quotes.
The additional costs might include removing and disposing of the old door and hardware, so be sure to ask what's included in their quote. Otherwise you could be looking an additional 20 percent for that portion of labor. There might also be additional charges for work like:
  • Resizing the opening
  • Replacing hardware
  • Reframing the exterior
It's imperative to have a professional inspect the garage ahead of time to prevent additional garage door repairs and maintenance down the road for you. Some signs your garage might need care ahead of the garage door replacement includes:
  • The garage door only closing partially, a sign the track is warped, clogged or loose
  • The door has difficulty moving up and down because the springs are worn down and need to be replaced
  • The metal cables connecting the springs are frayed and worn, which could cause the garage door to fall on someone
  • The brackets connected to the cables could be loose, which could cause the door to come off and hurt someone
The electronics should also be inspected before or after investing in the cost of replacing the garage door panel to make sure your door will operate properly. The sensors prevent the door from closing on someone's foot or a pet. If they don't work, someone could be injured. Also check to make sure the door opener works, since you could otherwise be locked out of your garage.
Garage door opener repair can cost between $100 and $300 depending on the extent of the problem.
Consult with a garage door installation pro

Cost of the Garage Door Opener

Most modern garage doors will come with an electrical opener, but be sure to check and install one if needed (see how much it costs to install a garage door opener).
Purchasing extra remotes and getting openers set up for operation will typically range from $100 to $400, which will add to the overall cost of the garage door installation. If your opener works with the new door, you won't need to have it replaced.
In cases in which the new door is much heavier than the old door, however, the old garage door opener won't be able to handle the extra weight. This is something to keep in mind when you're shopping for a new garage door.

Garage Door Insulation

Insulation, which increases energy efficiency and can help to lower utility bills, is crucial when a garage door is attached to the home. In this case, doors with high R-values are preferred. This means it has insulation that can keep the heat in. The higher the R-value, the better insulated your garage will be against outside noise and cold and hot air.
Well-insulated doors will have polystyrene or polyurethane foam in their construction. Some other factors to keep in mind when purchasing a garage door include:
  • Pinch Resistance: Pinch resistance pushes fingers out of the way if they're too close to a door.
  • Tamper Resistance: Bottom brackets reduce injury risk from door components.
Hire a Pro to install and insulate your garage door

Garage Door Types

The type of garage door you select -- and any extra pieces or labor required -- will influence how much you pay to have it professionally installed. Some garage door materials and styles are detailed below to help you compare:

Materials to Choose From

The first thing you should consider when selecting a material for your garage door is its longevity. Although a certain construction material can raise the price of a garage door, it may last far longer than a door made with less expensive material.
Look for a door that will last at least five to 10 years. Each door material is offered in four different grades.
Single-layer doors are the most affordable, but they are also most prone to dents and breaks. At the other end of the spectrum are costly heavy doors with thick insulation. These doors are expensive upfront, but they can withstand a lot more wear and tear than their cheaper counterparts. Available materials are as follows:
  • Custom Wood -- This is a solid wood garage door that comes in either cedar, hemlock or mahogany. These cost more than any other type of door but are durable and will add significant natural beauty to your home's exterior.
  • Wood Composite --This is made primarily from recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly option. It will need to be painted, which allows for personalization. It's also fairly inexpensive.
  • Vinyl -- Vinyl garage doors are increasing in popularity because they look nicer than steel. They resist denting as well, which means less maintenance in many cases.
  • Steel -- Steel is the least expensive and most commonly used material for garage doors. If you buy a steel door, consider how much insulation it will need to keep your garage temperature regulated, usually around an R-value of 12.

What's Your Garage Door Style?

There are four garage door styles available:
  • Swing Out: Two doors open out from the center of the garage opening. This style is good for keeping your ceiling clear for storage.
  • Swing-Up: Also called a tilt-up garage door, this style swings up from the floor as one piece and pulls into the ceiling.
  • Roll-Up: Also called a sectional door, this is the most popular and most common option. It is also easy to operate with a remote control.
  • Sliding: This style offers two doors that slide along a track at the top of the garage opening.

Garage Door Screen Cost

Garage door screens cost between $20 and $1,200 with an average price of $500.
A garage door screen is a material that can lower over the entrance to a garage to prevent mosquitoes and other bugs from entering. Air still enters and allows the structure to cool. This product is simplistic but comes with numerous variants.

Retractable Garage Door Screen Prices

Retractable screens cost between $20 and $500, although most people pay around $200. Many people purchase retractable garage door screens because they are easy to use and affordable.
Owners manually raise and lower a this type of door. These are different from motorized or sliding models, powered by electricity or slide horizontally instead of vertically.

Motorized Screens

Motorized screens cost between $300 and $1,200 with an average price of $500. Homeowners use a switch to raise and lower the screen. A professional electrician attaches the screen either to the same switch as the door or can add a different circuit, so it moves separately.

Sliding Garage Doors

People spend between $50 and $350 for sliding garage doors with an average of $100. These are different from a retractable screen because they move from side to side rather than up and down.
Consult with a professional when installing a garage door screen


Walk-thru screens have some kind of door that allows people to enter and exit. They can cost anywhere between $50 and $1,200. The fluctuation depends on whether the screen is retractable or motorized.

Screen Door Panel Prices

A replacement panel runs between $50 and $500 depending on the make, model, and style installed. You’ll need to call a professional for an estimate because most manufacturers do not sell single screens to regular people.
Sometimes a screen breaks from regular use or harsh weather, like hail. It’s important to replace the damaged panel as soon as possible to retain the integrity of the screen. Not all screen doors come with replaceable panels.

Lifestyle Garage Door Screens

Lifestyle is a popular garage door screen brand. The company specializes in retractable, sliding, or mechanical state-of-the-art designs. These screens cost between $300 and $1,200 and come with a one-year warranty after purchase. Most people pay around $550.

Other Top Brands

Below are some of the most popular brands with their costs and warranties.
  • Breezy Living: $200 and $600.
  • Fresh Air Screens: $130 to $250. The included warranty lasts for one year after purchase.

Garage Door Customization Options

Have you considered putting windows in your garage door? Windows can turn an ordinary door into a stunning masterpiece with the right placement. And they allow natural light into the garage, so it doesn't seem as dark and dank during the day. For optimal light, place windows in the top section or near the third section of the door.
Details like trim and panels can be customized on a garage door installation of any material or style for an extra price. Depending on how they're constructed, these frames and panels can be more than a decorative addition -- they can reinforce the strength of the door as well.
Some roll-up garage doors offer the option of shatterproof glass or frosty plastic to add a modern touch; some designers create garage doors to pay tribute to the old-fashioned barn doors. Here are some customizations available to homeowners, as well as an explanation of what is included in their cost and installation:

Basic Door

Basic stock garage doors don't have panel designs or glass. They can be customized, but it will increase the total cost of the garage door. The total cost of customization will not include installation, but it will include the extra parts needed for the door.

Partially Customized Door

In the mid-range, you can choose panels, glass windows and a few designs from a pre-selected list. There will also be a few different colors to choose from, so you can usually match a door nicely to your home's exterior.

Custom Doors

Custom garage doors include allow you to choose colors, panels, materials and finishes to match whichever look you desire for your home. They can be made of the highest quality materials -- whether wood or steel -- and come with longer guarantees than regular garage doors.
Some custom doors will include specialized insulation for increased soundproofing and climate protection. They also will typically come with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.
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Thank You Home advisors!!!
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IN Miami the doors must be Impact Rated and starting cost for door and installation starts at $1,700 to $2,000 for basic door. add motor replacement at $400... these are real prices and then add for cost of permits
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