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How Much Does It Cost To Coat Concrete Flooring With Epoxy?

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Most concrete floor areas, like garages, patios, and basements, tend to receive a large amount of foot traffic and heavy wear. Using an epoxy floor coating is a great way to protect it from wear and tear, cracking and chipping. Although you may be concerned that coating your concrete floors can be expensive, there are a few factors that could potentially decrease the cost of epoxy floor coating.

Types of Epoxy

There are two types of epoxy resin for homeowners to coat their concrete in, either solid or water-based. Solid epoxy coating is the more durable, lasting around 20 years, with the ability to handle high tire and foot traffic or chemical exposures like oils. The way it bonds with a concrete floor involves a bonding agent that professionals have access to. This type of resin is not recommended in climates with high moisture or extreme temperatures, though, and it will be the most expensive. The other type of resin is water-based epoxy which acts as a primer or sealer with less resistance and durability. Its glossy finish does protect the concrete from stains, scuff marks and any chemicals. However, homeowners should be aware that they may have to reapply the water-based epoxy more regularly, though it will cost them less.

Square footage

Square footage will be a major factor in the cost of solid or water-based epoxy. Solid epoxy costs about twice the price of water-based epoxy, which means homeowners with very vast concrete garage, for example, will have to pay premium prices to coat the garage in solid epoxy versus paying cheaper prices for water-based epoxy floor coating. However, a smaller area might be worth spending a little bit more for solid epoxy floor coating that will last longer and require less maintenance than water-based epoxy coating.


Epoxy floor coating comes in a variety of colors and designs for making the concrete "pop". While homeowners can get neutral colors like grey, white or clear, they also have the option to decorate the floor with more colorful epoxy paint coatings. The cost of the epoxy paint will vary based on the color, with neutral colors costing less than their brighter counterparts. Homeowners should consider more neutral colors for the floor of a garage or driveway versus that of a patio.

Concrete Repairs

For newly poured concrete, coating will be simple because there are no cracks or dips. However for older, cracked, chipped or crumbling concrete, you will need to repair the surface to ensure a smooth epoxy coating job. The more repair your concrete floor needs before you coat it, the higher the end investment will be. Most pros who can apply epoxy coating can also do the repair work, so make sure to have them include that in their initial estimate.


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Samuel Immordino More than 1 year ago
I would like my garage floor to be attractive and easy to keep clean since parking 2 cars brings in a lot of dirt and moisture.
Margaret Fries More than 1 year ago
The cost is more than I really want to pay.  I just need to see what it would cost to possibly repair the patio
Penny Casebolt More than 1 year ago
I think this sounds like the perfect thing for my family. My dad has parkinsons and doesn't need anything on the floor to trip on and we have pets so we don't want carpet as the dog and cat fur tends to stick to it as well as when they come in from outside and it has rained it would be a lot easier to clean up. I also like the price.
Amparo Eilerman More than 1 year ago
This. One is not for me.  Do you have another Pro?

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