How Much Does a Gas Fireplace Cost?

Typical Range:

$2,300 - $10,000

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Updated May 13, 2020

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Gas Fireplace Cost

A gas fireplace inserts costs about $2,000. The price of installation runs from $2,300 to $10,000, depending on factors like personal style, extra gas plumbing and necessary duct work.

Need a fireplace taken out? The cost to remove a fireplace or chimney ranges from $4,000 to $10,000.

Cost to Install Gas Fireplace

You’ll pay about $4,500 to install a gas fireplace, or between $2,300 and $10,000. Before installation, you’ll need to choose either a vented or a ventless gas fireplace. Here are some things to consider while you’re deciding:

  • Budget.

  • Ductwork.

  • Mason work.

  • Gas line installation.

  • Chimney repair or removal.

Fireplace contractors near you can help you figure out exactly what you need.

Vented vs. Ventless Gas Installation

Not sure about the differences between the two types of gas fireplaces? Here’s a breakdown.

Type of VentHow it Works
Natural VentsAir comes in through chimney or duct. Then it goes out through the same ventilation system. One downside: Heat can get out through the vent which lowers efficiency.
Direct VentsTakes in air from outside and then expels bad air back outside through a dual vent system. You’ll need a glass door on this to make sure the unit works properly. This also keeps healthy air quality in your home.
Vent-Free (Ventless)No ducts or chimney needed. This fireplace cleans air with a catalytic converter. The units are usually more expensive, but installation costs less.

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Installation Cost

It typically costs between $3,500 to $7,500 to install a direct vent gas fireplace. Here are some things to consider:

  • Brand.

  • Venting needs.

  • Appliance cost.

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Cost of Gas Logs

Vented gas logs, which need a chimney, cost between $300 and $500, not including installation. Ventless gas logs, which are used without a chimney, cost between $350 and $600 without installation.

Cost of Gas Log Installation

Gas log installation usually costs between $200 and $350.

You might pay an extra $100 or less for a permit. Your fireplace installer or a gas line plumber near you can get a gas work permit for you if your city requires it.

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Gas Fireplace Insert Prices

Gas fireplace inserts can range from $4,000 to $6,000 before installation. They are installed in existing fireplaces. However, there are options if you don’t have a chimney. Ventless gas fireplaces do not require a flue, and gel-powered or electric fireplaces don’t even require a gas line.

Aren’t sure what kind of gas fireplace you need? Here’s some guidance.

Type of FireplaceChimney Needed?
Gas fireplace insertYes
Ventless gas fireplaceNo
Gel-powered or electric fireplaceNo
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Gas Fireplace Prices

Gas fireplaces, such as prefabricated models, range from $1,000 to $8,000.

  • Double-sided or multi-sided gas fireplace insert: $1,000-$8,000.

  • Ventless gas fireplace: $2,000-$3,500.

  • Gel-powered ventless, no gas fireplace: $300-$700.

Double-sided Gas Fireplace Prices

A double-sided or multi-sided gas fireplace insert runs from $1,200 to more than $8,000, not including labor or installation. A two-sided ventless gas fireplace runs from about $1,000 to $2,500.

Gas fireplace insert installers in your area can help you nail down pricing, which will change depending on factors including:

  • Installation location.

  • Drywall work.

  • Gas work.

Ventless Gas Fireplace Cost

Ventless gas fireplace inserts usually cost between $2,000 and $3,500, including pro installation. Gel-powered ventless fireplaces, which don’t require gas or help from pros, cost between $300 and $700.

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Cost to Install Gas Fireplace Insert

It typically costs between $3,000 and $4,000 to install a gas fireplace insert. Homeowners have positive things to say about fireplace inserts. They say they're:

  • Efficient.

  • Easy to use.

  • Less expensive to install.

It lacks the charm and aroma of a woodburning fireplace, but can improve a room without going over your budget. (This is because gas fireplace insert prices tend to be much lower than other options.) A fireplace insert installer near you can discuss pros and cons, preferences and answer any questions you might have.

Cost to Run Gas Fireplace

The cost to run a gas fireplace varies from hearth to hearth. It depends on the:

  • Cost of propane.

  • Cost of natural gas.

  • Heating capabilities your fireplace.

The more “thermal units” (BTUs) your fireplace releases, the more it costs to run.

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DIY vs. Hiring a Gas Fireplace Specialist

Don’t try to install a gas fireplace yourself. Depending on where you live, there are permits you need and gas line work you might need done that’s dangerous.

The exception is a gel powered ventless fireplace, which some people do install themselves.

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How Much Propane Does a Gas Fireplace Use?

This depends because the price of propane varies. Generally, you’ll pay between $2 and $2.75 per gallon of propane. Here’s a good rule of thumb: You need one gallon of propane to run 100,000 BTUs.

Take a look at your fireplace rating. How many BTUs is it? If you have a propane fireplace that’s rated 100,000 BTU, you’ll need one gallon of propane per hour to run your fireplace.

Can you install a fireplace without a chimney?

Yes, you can install a fireplace without a chimney. Ventless fireplaces don’t need a chimney, but you can’t run them for as long as a wood-burning fireplace.

Can you add a gas fireplace to an existing house?

Yes, you can add a gas fireplace to your home. Some things people consider when they’re deciding on gas fireplaces:

  • Personal preference.

  • Gas fireplace type.

  • Existing home features.

It’ll cost you more to install a wood-burning fireplace. It’s cheaper to install a ventless gas fireplace. Research what works best for your home and budget – no matter what you choose, the fireplace will add warmth and ambiance to the room.

Does a gas fireplace add value to my home?

Yes, a gas fireplace adds value to your home. Though it’s less of a necessity than it once was, homeowners and real estate agents still want fireplaces. Outdoor fireplaces also increase resale value.

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How long should you run your gas fireplace?

How long you can run your gas fireplace depends on the type. Take a look:

TypeLength of Time
Fireplace insertContinuously
Direct ventContinuously
Vent-free2-3 hours

How much does it cost to put a blower in a gas fireplace?

It costs about $100 to install a blower and fan in a gas fireplace. That’s in addition to the regular cost of installation.

Does a gas fireplace need to be cleaned?

Yes, you need to clean your gas fireplace every year. Hire a local chimney cleaner to schedule annual appointments before the cold season. Gas fireplaces can release material that builds up in vents and chimneys.

Regular and inspections will help protect you from paying the cost to repair your fireplace. If you wait too long to inspect and clean it, you can find nearby fireplace flue repair contractors.

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