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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Pond?

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A pond can make a great addition to any landscape. Homeowners may write it off as too expensive before getting an estimate or doing much research. If you're interested in adding a pond to your backyard, contact a professional. He or she will be able to to determine the best course of action for your particular space and can give you a better idea on the cost for a pond, highlighting certain factors integral to pricing.

Size and Shape

The size of your pond will be a big factor in the cost. The larger the pond, the bigger the excavation and prep work. Giving your pond a really unique shape will increase the price but can have great visual appeal. If shape is less important, there is the option for prefabricated liner shells, which will decrease the cost to install a pond. Your climate will determine whether liner will work or not.

Pond Liner

There are a couple of different options for liners, all of which will impact the cost to install a pond. Most permanent garden pond liners include concrete and fiberglass. These liners last a long time: 50 years or more if maintained properly. Flexible liners are typically made out of different plastic products. These typically last 10 to 20 years. Plastic rigid liners are another option, but they can increase the price since they can be difficult to work with and are susceptible to damage from ice. This is good for homeowners in warm locales who are looking for a cheaper alternative.

Pond Location

Depending on what kinds of plants or fish you may want to have, location will be important. It's smart to consult a landscape designer who can help you determine what shaded areas might work best. This will ensure it is put in a place that will take less of a beating from the weather.

Pond Surrounds

Installing stone edging or other surrounds to your pond will spruce up the area and make it stand out even more. While increasing your total cost, it will add that finishing touch to make your pond look like a part of your yard.

Pond Maintenance

Putting in a little bit more on the cost to install a pond will help you in the end with maintenance. By putting in a good filtering system, the water should remain clearer and collect less algae. This can also prevent dirt runoff which can cloud the water. If you put fish in your pond, then you will need to maintain UV heaters and chemicals to keep the water stabilized.

Waterfall Feature

If you opt to include a waterfall, this can be a great addition to a pond and will give you that zen water sound in your space. Be prepared to pay more for the plumbing and design involved in creating one.


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GERALD FITERSTEIN More than 1 year ago
great information
wen Li More than 1 year ago
I need a professional pond specialist to come check what is the problem
kathleen lambert More than 1 year ago
I went back to Aquarium Adventure in Columbus ,Ohio...anybody cheaper than 55.00 hr labor.i went with twin pines out of upper Arlington,and it leaked from day one...last summer.went a whole year with no pond and my patience is at an end.i want it done,done right the first time.Aq. Adv. are the undisputed pros but they are pricy;
Dean Poore More than 1 year ago
Just starting out figuring the cost but the site was helpful in my beginning search. It now comes down to experienced contractor who is of good reputation.

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