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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Water Fountain?

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If you have always wanted a fountain to enhance your lawn and gardens, but are worried about the price, don't! A fountain can be built at a reasonable cost, has very little upkeep, recycles the water that runs through it, and can add value to your home.
Here are a few factors that can influence the price of your outdoor fountain installation

How elaborate is your fountain and what's it made out of?

You can find a simple garden fountain or birdbath at a hardware store for very little money, or you can install a full sized waterfall cascading over a marble wall, for thousands of dollars. Anyway you want it, there is a fountain that will meet your needs and your budget. In the case of fountains the cost is dependent on the size and the material used (stone, marble, plastic, etc.)

Installation Costs

In general the cost of installing your fountain is likely to be similar to the cost of the fountain itself, except in cases where there is a lot of excavation involved. If large amounts of your property need to be dug up and paved or tiled over to accommodate your fountain you can expect the cost of installation to far exceed the cost of the fountain

Plumbing and Electricity

Installing an outdoor fountain typically involves both electrical, and plumbing. The costs of the electrical and plumbing installation will vary with the distance your fountain is from the point in which the installation pro can attach to an existing water or power source. Another cost to consider is how much water/electricity is needed to run the fountain.

Solar Water Fountains

The cost of a solar water fountain is higher than a standard one however, the amount of money you save on operating costs is offsets the cost of the fountain. In addition, the electrical installation for a solar water fountain is much smaller than the work needed for a standard water fountain is usually much more expensive than setting up a solar unit. A high-end solar fountain pump with a good solar collector and battery can power a pump for 24 hours a day.


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