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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Greenhouse?

Typical Range: $716 - $2,180

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A greenhouse is a lovely addition to any property. It can be a peaceful retreat for enjoying the beauty of your plants and flowers and giving them a place to thrive. If your greenhouse is in need of repair, the cost of fixing it depends in large part on what part of it is broken or not working properly. If you are concerned about the cost of your greenhouse repair, here are a few things that will affect the price.

Greenhouse Framing

Most greenhouses are built with pre-treated lumber because of its water resistant properties. If the repair you are looking for has to do with the frame of your greenhouse, then you will need to match the type of lumber that your greenhouse already uses. Depending on what that is, the cost could be moderate or high. Also, if the frame can be repaired or secured this may be a simple repair, but if the greenhouse structure has been compromised it may be a major repair.

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National Average $1,381
Typical Range $716 - $2,180
Low End - High End $375 - $3,000

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Wall Options

Glass panels were once the standard in greenhouse walls. However, It's expensive so polyethylene has become the new standard. You can also build a very inexpensive greenhouse with rolls of thick plastic.
If your wall panels are damaged or broken, repairing them is comparable to the price range from when you constructed them: Glass is the most expensive, polyethylene is moderate and plastic is cheap.
If you have a solid greenhouse structure that you used plastic to cover to save money, and now your plastic is old and torn, you may want to take this opportunity o replace it with polyethylene at this time. Those materials will last much longer in the long term is the price is not too daunting.

Heating & Cooling System

The temperatures of your greenhouse is regulated by a ground heating and cooling system. If this is not working properly, the issue could be an electrical one, in which case make sure to check the fuses in case it is just a simple blown fuse or circuit breaker issue. This could also be a faulty or broken thermostat. Neither of these issues will be an expensive repair. If the entire heating and cooling system has malfunctioned and needs replacement make sure to check your warranty information to see if it is still covered before you spend the money for a replacement.

Foundation Slab

Every greenhouse should have some kind of foundation or barrier slab installed before it is built. If you did not do this, your greenhouse could be unstable and issues with the structure could be related to this. The ground changes temperature with the change of the seasons and the rising and setting of the sun. It will save you money on energy costs to install a foundation wall in the bottom of the greenhouse.


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