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How Much Does It Cost To Repair Asphalt Paving

Typical Range: $1,001 - $3,662

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Average Cost to Repair Asphalt

The cost to repair or restore asphalt averages between $1,001 and $3,662. Estimates can range anywhere from $250 to $6,000. While most homeowners pay $2,316, the the type of damage can vary project costs. Fixing potholes and cracks can be as low as $100 to $300 while major repairs requiring asphalt resurfacing can cost up to $3,000 or more.

First, fixing paving can be a very labor-intensive task that can be extremely complicated if specific steps are not followed and if the preparation phase is not completed properly. Second, your asphalt may need to be repaved in your driveway, road, parking lot, paved outdoor basketball court, or any number of potential situations.

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National Average $2,316
Typical Range $1,001 - $3,662
Low End - High End $300 - $7,000

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Patching Cracks & Potholes

Expect to pay between $100 and $300 to fix a pothole or crack in your asphalt. Cracking is often a sign of sub-base failure, poor drainage, or repeated over-loadings. It is important to prevent this type of breakdown, and repair as soon as possible, because advanced cases can be very costly and can lead to potholes or early pavement failure.

the average cost to repair asphalt paving is $2,250 or $300 to $6,700

Be sure to distinguish between labor and materials. If the problem is small, you could purchase the necessary materials, and take care of the fix itself. In that case, you can pay between $20 and $40 for a 50-pound bag of solution. However, hiring a professional means making sure that the issue gets fixed the right way, and avoids potential problems down the road.

If your asphalt is suffering from cracking, your professional may need to figure out the cause and implement fixes so that this doesn't continue to happen. While this might cost you more money up front, it will surely save you money in the long run since you won't have to keep having repairs made.

Cost Per Square and Linear Foot

Most professionals will charge between $1 and $3 per linear foot to fix a small crack. Meanwhile, they will likely charge you between $2 and $4 per square foot to fix a pothole.

The expense needed to fix asphalt cracks and potholes comes down to the size of the damage. In addition, the price to eliminate a pothole tends to be calculated by square footage, while cracks are estimated using linear footage.

Infrared Repair

While more expensive than patching, infrared repair is more cost effective than full replacement or large patch jobs. It ranges between $100 and $250 depending on the size of the pavement being fixed.

Infrared repair can help to restore your paving and eliminate its defects. The infrared lighting heats the damaged surface, helping to remove it. Then, new asphalt can be added in order to fix the blemish.

Patches tend to be more seamless, and settling of the surface is more unlikely than it would be for other methods. In other words, this type of fix makes it less likely for future potholes to form on your surface.

Hot Patch & Cold Patch Costs

Hot and cold patching may be the two most common options to fix small cracks and potholes.

  • Cold patch: $10-$20 for a 50 pound bag. Refers to previously mixed asphalt, which can simply be poured and packed into opening. It's a quick fix, and works best for temporary solutions until a more permanent alternative is in place.
  • Hot patch: $100-$500 for professional labor. More complex. Includes excavating the area around the pothole or crack, then filling hot material into the opening. Goes beyond surface level and is more beneficial in the long run. Requires professional labor.


A single coat of sealant extends the life of your surface by 1-2 years, while to coats can last up to four years. Sealing your asphalt will cost between $200 and $600, depending on the size of the surface area and its current condition.

Once the repair is done, your professional may talk to you about asphalt sealing. Think of it like a protective coat that prevents further damage from foot and vehicle traffic, and of course weather conditions.

Sealing your asphalt will preserve and enhance its looks, while also preventing it from drying out and decaying. It will help prevent cracks and pits that occur as time passes and use and the elements take their toll.

Additional Cost Factors

In addition to the size of the surface, and the materials used, a number of other factors will influence the cost making your asphalt functional again. We’ve put together a checklist of questions for you to answer while planning and budgeting your driveway project:

  1. Is the surface on a slope? Grading will cost just under $1.50 per square foot.
  2. Can a truck easily access the area? Difficult access can increase labor costs.
  3. What preparation needs to be done? For example, digging out the existing surface to replace underlying gravel. Expect to pay between $2.50 and $3.50 per square foot for surface removal.
  4. What drains or manholes need to be treated with special consideration?
  5. Will have you have to consider any permit fees? These can range from $10 to $200 and are based on county, city or municipality regulations.
  6. Will you receive a discount? Contact the company that installed your driveway to see if they offer a guarantee or discount on repairs.
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Fixing Your Asphalt Driveway

Repairing your asphalt driveway tends to cost between $800 and $2,500, depending on the same factors mentioned above. The national cost average for this project is about $1,500.

Several special considerations apply, especially compared to concrete driveways. For example, be sure to find a product that blends well with your existing asphalt.

Repair, Resurface, or Replace

Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need to decide whether to simply repair your asphalt paving, resurface it with a new coat, or pay for an entirely new surface and a complete replacement. The extent of the damage and the costs involved should drive that decision. A free quote on each option can help you decide which route works best for your needs.


A driveway imbalance or caving can produce surface-level cracks due to lack of underlying support. This is important to consider since vehicle traffic can weigh heavily on the asphalt and worsen these issues.

Simple repairs make the most sense when the damage is surface-level, or contained to a small area. Typical scenarios that call for this option include:

  • Small cracks in the surface, no wider than 1/4 inch.
  • Small potholes that don't indicate larger issues.
  • Drainage issues on your driveway, patio area, or elsewhere.


If your base is still sound, you can possibly install a new layer of asphalt over the old to resurface the existing area. When the cracks and potholes you find indicate larger issues, or they occur in more than one spot, resurfacing may make more sense. It does not take care of all underlying issues, but still extends the lifespan of the area.

Particularly if you're going for curb appeal or want to delay complete replacement for a little longer, it's a good middle ground. Resurfacing typically involves removing the top layer of of the surface, and replacing it with a new coat. The cost tends to be about $2 to $2.50 per square foot, or $1,000 to $1,300 for a 500-square foot area.

Professionals who can resurface your paving are typically also experienced in a complete repaving. However, not all contractors who can complete repairs are also able to resurface or replace. Consult a professional who is adept at all three options on when it makes sense to resurface vs. repair or replace.


Finally, there will come a time when your asphalt needs complete replacement. A typical driveway, for instance, lasts about 20 to 25 years before this replacement is necessary. One sign to look out for are so-called alligator cracks, named after their resemblance to alligator skin.

Replacing your paving is the most complete solution possible. It includes completely redoing the foundation gravel as well as the surface itself, and will take care of any underlying issue. According to our asphalt paving cost calculator, you should expect to pay between $2,800 and $6,500 for a complete replacement of your asphalt.

Replacement is necessary when the existing surface is badly deteriorated or the underlying gravel base shows signs of failing. Removal and replacement is also necessary if the proper drainage of the driveway cannot be achieved because the area is too flat.

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