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How Much Does Slab Leak Repair Cost?

Typical Range: $630 - $4,400

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June 3, 2021

Reviewed by Jeff Botelho, Licensed Journeyman Plumber.
Written by HomeAdvisor.

Slab Leak Repair Costs

The average slab leak costs $2,280 to repair, including detection. Prices depend on the location of the leak and breaking through concrete to repair it. A leak that’s easy to access might only cost $630; a difficult location could raise the price to $4,400 or higher.

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Average Cost of Slab Leak Repair

Average Cost$2,280
High Cost$4,400+
Low Cost$630

Slab Leak Detection Cost

Finding the leak costs $280 on average, with most homeowners paying between $150 and $600. A slab leak is when the water line beneath your home’s foundation springs a leak. Because this happens under a slab of concrete, it’s trickier for plumbers to find.

Under Slab Plumbing Repair Cost

Once a plumber finds the leak, it can cost anywhere from $500 to $4,000 to repair. Some homes might have even higher costs, depending on the severity of the leak and its location.

Hot Water Slab Leak Repair Cost

Even if the slab leak is from a hot water line, you can still expect to pay between $630 and $4,400 for repairs. Most homeowners pay an average of $2,280.

Slab Leak Reroute Cost

A slab leak reroute is usually at least $1,500 but for short pipes, might only cost between $200 and $500. Sometimes the water line is so damaged that fixing a leak won’t make a difference. Deteriorated pipes will need rerouting instead.

Slab Leak Cost Factors

Type of RepairTypical Cost
Broken Pipe Repair$150-$350
Water Line Leak Repair$330-$1,360
Slab Repair$1,900-$6,710

Broken Pipe Repair

The cost to fix a broken pipe that has burst is between $150 and $350. Keep in mind, this cost is in addition to leak detection fees, as well as breaking through the foundation.

Water Line Leak Repair

Repairing a water main costs $840 on average. Most homeowners pay between $330 and $1,360 but could have costs as low as $150 or as high as $3,000.

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Slab Repair

Foundation repair costs anywhere from $1,900 to $6,710. Plumbers have to break through your home’s foundation to reach the leak. Because breaking (and repairing) a slab requires special materials and is labor-intensive, foundation repair is often the most expensive part of fixing a slab leak. If your concrete slab has a crack less than 1/8" wide and it doesn’t affect your home’s structure, your costs will be much lower (between $250 and $800).

Sometimes you might need a new slab poured after fixing the leak. A new concrete slab costs between $3,600 and $7,200 or about $6 per square foot.

DIY Under Slab Plumbing Repair vs. Hiring a Professional

Unless you have an advanced plumbing background with all the proper equipment, it’s essential to hire a pro to fix a slab leak. Licensed plumbers will know whether rerouting or fixing is best, and they’ll also recommend what kind of slab repair you need.

Whenever your foundation needs repairs, it’s best to go to a pro. Structural repairs are very serious and a DIY error could take things from bad to worse.


What causes an underground slab leak?

There are several reasons why you might have a slab leak:

  • Poor installation: Badly installed pipes won’t function correctly and this can lead to damage.
  • Ground shifts: Slab leaks are especially common in earthquake zones.
  • Worn down pipes: Minerals in the soil (and water) corrode pipes over time.

How common are slab leaks?

Slab leaks are most common in areas that experience earthquakes. For example, homeowners in Orange County, California are much more likely to deal with slab leaks than residents who aren’t on or near a fault line.

How do you find a water leak under concrete?

The first step to finding a slab leak is determining if you have one. Some common signs of a slab leak include:

  • Warm or even damp floors
  • Standing water
  • A change in water pressure (it’s suddenly lower than normal)
  • An unusually high water bill
  • Hearing running water even when no one is using water

If you experience any of these, it’s time to call a plumber. They will use special equipment to send a current through your pipes to determine their location. Next, they’ll listen to pipes to try and find any discrepancies. Once they have an idea of where the issue is, they’ll scan the area with a heat sensor to pinpoint the leak.

Fixing a slab leak is an involved process, but a licensed professional can handle it. Call a plumber near you to get your home back on track.

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