How Much Does an Intercom System Cost?

Typical Range:

$1,500 - $15,000

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Updated November 9, 2022

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Installing an intercom system costs an average of $2,500, including intercom materials and labor. Installing simple systems can be as low as $1,500. In contrast, advanced systems with the latest audio and video technology may cost upward of $15,000, especially if you need to install intercom substations in multiple locations around your home. 

Although people have used intercoms for apartment and condo buildings, they’re becoming common for people who want to increase home security. And with advances in wireless technology, home systems have become both easier to install and more affordable.

Average Cost to Install an Intercom System

Average Cost High Cost Low Cost
$2,500 15,000 $1,500

Intercom System Prices

Intercom system components cost around $1,500 to $6,000 but can range from $20 to $15,000 for a single speaker up to a complete, advanced system. Typically, wireless systems and their components are less expensive than hardwired intercom ones, but they may cover only 1,000 to 5,000 feet without an extender and can suffer from network issues.

The table below lists common intercom system components and their related costs:

Intercom System Component Average Cost Range
Speaker$20 – $300
Main console$500 – $3,000
Intercom station$100 – $800
Full audio system$500
Full audio and visual system$1,000 – $15,000
Installation supplies (e.g., mounting hardware)$200 – $1,000
Cloud storage$5 – $25 per month

Video Intercom System Prices

Video intercom system prices range from $1,500 to $15,000 or more for smart systems with integrated security cameras and monitors. If you plan to put in security features, integrating your system is often best to lower your security camera installation costs

It’s also a good idea to wrap in home security installation costs to minimize the project price by adding features, including window break detectors, motion sensors, and door locks, which can integrate into a smart home system.

Intercom System Installation Cost

Installation prices for an intercom system varies. Simple systems with just one console may cost about $300 while installing a full intercom system that connects to five rooms will cost around $1,500. The installation will take about one to two hours per intercom station. 

The table below breaks down different labor costs:

Intercom System Installation Type Average Cost Range
Complete intercom system $1,000 – $1,500
Single intercom console with camera $100 – $300
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Intercom System Cost by System Type

Intercom systems can vary in cost based on the type of system you need. Single-family homes may only need a one-way intercom, while installing an intercom system for an investment property, like a condo, may be more beneficial than a two-way intercom.

Similarly, single-family homes may opt for an audio and video setup, while many apartments or condo complexes use audio-only systems. We list the different types of intercom systems below:

Intercom System TypeAverage Cost Range (Excluding Labor)
Audio only$50 – $450
Audio and video$600 – $15,000
One-way$150 – $1,000
Two-way$300 – $15,000

Intercom System Cost by Style

Wireless intercom systems are less expensive, and they use radio frequencies, Wi-Fi and batteries, or are hardwired to the power lines to operate. Hardwired systems—those that have a wire going from one unit to another—require wires to connect the main station and substations. Carrier-current intercom systems integrate with the building’s electrical wiring.

The table below breaks down intercom systems by style and their prices:

Intercom System StyleAverage Cost Range
Wireless$150 – $1,500
Hard-wired$1,000 – $15,000
Carrier-current$50 – $150 per intercom station

Intercom Cost by Unit

Intercom costs per unit can range from $20 per speaker to $2,500 for a hardwired main station, but these amounts may not include the cost of additional mounting hardware. The table below lists common unit types, whether they’re hardwired or wireless, and their costs:

Intercom Unit TypeAverage Cost Range
Speaker$20 – $300 each
Main console or station (wireless)$100 – $1,500 each
Main console or station (wired)$500 – $2,500
Additional consoles or substations (wireless)$100 – $300 each
Additional consoles or substations (wired)$200 – $600

Intercom System Cost Factors

Intercom systems can vary based on the number of intercoms you need and how advanced you want the system to be. A simple two-way with one station and one exterior speaker might run $500 or less, while a large, complex smart system can hit $15,000 or more. 

Number of Intercoms

The main station, also called a master station, can cost $100 to $2,500 each. Each additional substation costs around $100 to $600.

One-Way vs. Two-Way

A one-way system allows a guest to speak to the homeowner, or the homeowner can see the person at the door. A two-way system allows both parties to communicate with each other. A two-way design, especially with video, will cost more than a one-way system. 

A gate intercom is an everyday use for a simple two-way system, adding around $1,500 or more to your gate installation costs

Room-to-Room Intercom Systems

A whole-house intercom system that covers five rooms will cost about $1,000 to $1,500 for installation plus materials. You could also consider a wireless setup using wireless intercom units or smart home speakers for about $50 to $300 per wireless intercom station or smart home speaker.

While you may think of intercoms as a way to see or talk to outside visitors at your front door, you can also use them as a communication hub for your family inside the home. Instead of straining your voice by shouting, you can call the kids to dinner with the push of a button.

Smart Features

Most current wireless and smart intercom systems offer smart features to integrate into your whole home, such as changing the thermostat or dimming the lights. You can also use mobile devices as part of the intercom system. Plus, features like Amazon Alexa and Google Nest speakers act as intercom speakers while also being useful for streaming music. 

Benefits of Installing an Intercom System

Intercom systems do more than let you remotely answer your front door. They also do the following:

  • Allow a driveway gate to function remotely

  • Let you talk to your family without yelling

  • Add a layer of security to your home

  • Encourage integrated smart systems for environmental and entertainment controls

  • Can increase your property value

  • Allow you to control your home remotely if it’s part of a smart home system

DIY vs. Hire an Intercom System Installation Pro

Hiring an intercom specialist will cost about $1,500 to install an entire system in addition to the cost of materials. You’ll pay $2,500 on average for a complete intercom system. This cost will be higher if you install a system in a building with more than five units, though. Especially for hardwired and carrier-current systems, hiring a local home security installation specialist is the safest option when dealing with wiring. 

Cost to Install an Intercom System Yourself

The cost to install an intercom yourself can range from $150 for a simple, wireless system to $10,000 for an extensive, high-tech setup. Wireless systems are the best option if you want to DIY.

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How long does an intercom system last?

Most intercom systems will work for about 20 years. However, it depends on the type of system, the climate you live in, the weather the outdoor unit is exposed to, and any yearly cleaning or maintenance. A system can last 40 or more years in perfect condition. More often with smart systems, you’ll find technology quickly outpaces the system, making them almost obsolete in as little as 10 years. 

Do I need an intercom system?

Whether you need an intercom system is up to personal preference. They’ve become a mainstay in multifamily housing complexes, making it easier for people to communicate with visitors or receive packages. It’s also becoming more common for single-family homes to have intercom systems for boosted home security. There are many reasons to install an intercom system, such as allowing homeowners to watch for package thieves and seeing who’s knocking at the door.

How much does an intercom system cost?

An intercom system costs anywhere from $150 to $15,000, depending on several factors including the type of system, audio, visual, or a combination of both. It also depends on how smart the system is. A basic audio intercom might cost $200 to $300 to buy and install. In contrast, a complete home automation system with video and a complete intercom setup might run $15,000 when you add the recreational, environmental, and security components.