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Home security is essential to keeping your house and family safe from crime. While it may seem like a daunting task, there are some simple steps you can take to protect your home and family — whether as DIY projects or hiring professionals — keeping everyone safe and secure. When people think of home security, they normally think of simply securing their house, but home security encompasses much more than that. Once you ensure that your home is physically secure, you also need to think about baby proofing (if you have a little one), safety for any seniors living in your home, internet security, and more. The following resources will give you a better understanding of how to properly secure your home and keep all your loved ones safe.

Fire/ Home Safety Links

This is a great site to get started in learning more about home fire safety and how you can prepare and educate yourself on preventing accidental fires.

Home Safety: Other Useful Links

Here is a site dedicated to preventing injuries in the home. There are many links that lead to information on all the different types of accidents that can happen in the home.

Fire and Life Safety Links

Learn about home safety through these top links covering fire, child, workplace, senior, product, and electrical safety.

Professional and Safety Links

You will find here a great guide to safety in all areas of life; work, driving, school, and work.

Website Links and Crime Prevention Tips

A great site that provides links about sexual predators, missing children, and tips on when to call 9-1-1 and get help.

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Baby Home Safety

Here is list of sites to learn more about keeping baby safe. It covers car seat safety, strollers, home safety, and deadly poisons.

Fall Prevention

Learn about preventing falls and injuries on the job site.

Safety for the Home Links

Here are ten links that will help educate you about mold, carbon monoxide, radar asbestos, and protecting your children in your home.

Safety Links for Parents

Educate yourself about fire, stranger, internet, and home safety through this great source of links.

Tips to Keep Your Home Safe during the Holidays

This is an article that lists great advice on protecting your home while you are away on vacation. Locking your doors, stopping the mail, and having a neighbor check on your house are a few great tips.

Keeping Your Child Safe Online

Goes over the dangers of the online the world and tips and advice to protect your children.

Keeping Your Family Safe during the Holidays

This is an excellent article covering safety tips during the holiday season. It talks about home fire safety, slips, falls, and traveling safely.

House Safety during the Winter Months

Staying warm in the winter is a necessity but it is also important to heat your home safely. This article covers how to heat you house and back-up ideas for if the power goes out.

Keeping Your Information Safe

This is a site full of several resources. It outlines the basics steps in keeping your information safe and has links for each category.

Food Safety

This article covers the importance of keeping foods at safe temperatures. Most food poisoning is caused when food is not stored properly and heated or cooled to the right degree.

Keeping Christmas Trees Fresh and Safe

Christmas trees are a beautiful part of the holiday season and knowing how to take care of them can make them last longer. Although Christmas trees rarely catch on fire, it is smart to know home fire safety tips on preventing the rare occasion that they do.

Protect Your Home from Lead

This article offers excellent home safety tips on finding where lead is, how to get rid of it and protect your family from it.

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Keep Documents Safe

Here is an article that covers what to do with all those important documents and where the best places are to keep them safe.

Keeping Records

Home safety is more than just protecting a house; it is about protecting your family in any event. This article covers why it is so important to keep records and what those records should be.

Mold Safety

Mold can be extremely dangerous to your health. This page covers what mold is, how it gets into a home and how to get rid of it.

Childproofing Your Home

Home safety means keeping your home safe for your children, even while you are sleeping.

Home Moisture

This website covers moisture in the home and how important it is to have clean indoor air.

The Guide to Safe Web Browsing

The purpose of this article is to educate people on the basics of surfing the web. It covers password protection, anti-viral programs and using the firewall.

Best Way to Secure Your Computer

On this page it gives three ways to protect your computer, ideas on avoiding any possible threats to your computer, and making your home network secure.

Keeping Personal Information

Read about how to protect your information by carrying less with you, avoiding impersonators, and having strong passwords.

Crime Prevention Tips

This is a great place to find everything you need to know about keeping safe while doing almost anything; walking, riding the elevator, working out at the gym, driving, or riding a bike.

General Safety Tips

Read a variety of crime prevention tips and how to not allow opportunities for theft.

Protecting Yourself

Learn about keeping yourself safe by always being alert, aware, awake, and never alone in unsafe places.

Office Protection

This article covers how to protect your office like never giving out the keys and keeping them safe.

Prevent Crime

This article offers crime prevention tips to help you avoid crime and eliminate the opportunity for it to happen to you.

Crime Prevention Zone

Read about what to do if you are attacked and other crime prevention tips, like staying alert and trusting your instincts.

Prevent and Treat Home Accidents

This is a positive article on how most home accidents can be prevented if steps are taken to limit any risks or dangers in the house.

Safety Tips for Babies and Toddlers

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Here is a great place to learn more about keeping your children safe by checking for hazards in the crib, stairs, windows, blinds, kitchen, cleaning supplies and all around the home.

Water Safety

This article focuses on the hard facts of how serious drowning is and how it is the leading cause of death for infants. It goes over ways to keep your children safe in water and from water.

Keeping Kids Safe in Water

Learn about how dangerous water can be and the importance of teaching your children at a young age how to be around it safely and how to swim.

Water Safety Congress

An entire site dedicated to educating people on water safety and the prevention of accidental drowning.

Home Security and Burglary Prevention

Here is an article talking about protecting your home starting with having strong doors at every entrance, motion sensors and quality locks. There are also many more crime prevention tips to get your home protected.

Home Security Tips

This article goes over each area of your home that can help play a role in keeping your home secure; lighting, doors, locks, windows, fences, dogs, and alarm systems can all help protect your home is done right.

Crime and Home Security Prevention

Read about the simple home security tips that will make your home much safer by creating a place that criminals will want to avoid.

Baby-Proofing Your Home

Here is an article that has several different lists to prevent drowning, injury, poisoning, choking, suffocation and burns.

Child-Proofing for the Grandparent

If protecting your adorable grandchildren is important to you, this article will help you prepare every single room in the house. It has a list under every room that you need to check to ensure that room is safe for your grandbabies.

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  1. Jack Palmer, April 25:

    You’re right, “Home security is essential to keeping your house and family safe from crime.” We just moved to a new area and would really like to make sure our home is safe and the locks are secure. Thanks so much for providing so many different resources to learn from to keep us safe. I appreciate it!

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