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If you're thinking about buying rural land, don't buy it without a percolation test. If water can't move through the soil, or if it moves too easily, then a septic system can't be installed on the property. Without the option of either a municipal sewage system or a septic system, most cities won't allow house construction on the property. If you are about to buy a plot of land, find a local perc test company that can make sure it's viable.

Perc testing companies help make sure your potential property is right for the construction project you have in mind. Local companies are familiar with the town or county's specific regulations. They are also more likely to be familiar with the region's specific soil type and common risk factors.

Whether you need a perc test or more extensive soil testing, find an expert who can give you guaranteed results. Type in your zip code and HomeAdvisor will find perc test services near you.

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"We hired them to perform a structural inspection of a house we are buying and the structural engineer uncovered some issues to a retaining wall that we will need to address down the line. It was pricey but worth it to get someone knowledgeable to review the structural integrity of the house."

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