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Updated November 30, 2016

Wall cabinet

When most people think of a wall cabinet, the first thing they think of is a bathroom wall cabinet. Kitchens, which usually require quite a bit more storage, tend to have entire cabinetry setups. Some of the same basic considerations still apply for kitchen cabinetry, but installation becomes increasingly difficult and cabinetry design is essential to get the most of your storage space.

The single bathroom wall cabinet, by contrast, can often be enough for a bathroom’s storage needs. That is, if the cabinet is properly designed and installed to optimize the available storage space. You need to figure out how big the cabinet needs to be to hold all your bathroom items and accessories, while still letting your bathroom comfortably breathe with open space. If you think you have a little extra space to use, an extra shelf with your cabinet will allow you to include potpourri, pictures, or decorative knick-knacks.

Wall Cabinet Installation

Basic wall cabinet installation isn’t terribly difficult for knowledgeable homeowners. Some basic tools, long screws, and being able to locate a wall stud is often enough to install a rudimentary wall cabinet. To get the full benefits of a bathroom wall cabinet you may need to hire a cabinetry professional to design and build your bathroom wall cabinet. As many choices as are out there, you may still find the exact size and type of cabinet that works for your bathroom simply isn’t available. In small rooms like bathrooms, even a few inches of difference can make a huge difference. A cabinet contractor will be able to come in and customize your cabinet for proportion and decorating cohesion. Naturally, this means a little extra money, but if you decide you need to hire a professional to install your cabinet, anyway, it may not cost that much more.

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Wall Cabinet Options

  • Recessed wall cabinets are a great idea to create storage and save space. They usually require more technical installation and may be limited in size depending on the nature of the wall where the cabinet is placed.
  • Curio wall cabinets will add a stylish, decorative touch to your bathroom. They provide both storage and enhance the look of your rooms, although they may not be as efficient as other cabinet options for smaller bathrooms.
  • Corner wall cabinets are among the best cabinet ideas for smaller bathrooms. Corners help maximize space usage, as they are removed from the foot traffic paths of your room. A corner wall cabinet installed about a corner sink can truly streamline your bathroom design.
  • Wood and metal cabinets are the two most popular choices for wall cabinets. Wood is still, by far, the most popular and the most traditional. Metal wall cabinets, however, offer increased durability and reduced maintenance.
  • Mirrored wall cabinets are another great example of how you can turn cabinets into a multi-functional installation. Since you probably want a mirror in your bathroom anyway, this will reduce the cost of your wood or metal cabinet


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