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26 Home Movie Theater Ideas for Every Style

Photo: bbernard / Shutterstock Do you dream of having a dedicated space to screen your favorite films and binge your go-to Netflix series? Regardless of your lifestyle or budget, there are plenty of options to bring your vision to life with the help of a local home theater installation expert. Once you’ve nailed down the…

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A Visual Compendium of TV Homes

Binge-watch the best TV series long enough and you may notice that a house you recognize is being used as a home by a show’s characters. Sometimes these borrowed homes have fictional addresses – a house in Brentford might act as a character’s home in Bel-Air, for example. Other times, the houses are built as…

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Create an Affordable DIY Home Theater

You’ve got that unused space in the basement that’s become a storage area. Why not use it for something that will bring happiness to everyone in your home by converting it into a home theater? If the potential cost of a home theater has you thinking it’s not possible, take note: Home theater components are…

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TV Home Placement: TV Stands and Mounts

Now that you’ve invested in a new TV, not only do you need to figure out where you’re going to put it, but also what type of TV stand or mount you’re going to use. There’s no shortage of TV stand designs and materials out there, but given the many different sized TVs, storage cabinet…

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TV Wiring

Cable Wiring

The world of household communications systems has grown immensely since the basic doorbells and telephone lines of the 20th century due to the quickly expanding and highly improved technology of today. Though some homeowners might not be too concerned about the technical aspects of the cable wiring inside and leading to their homes, many of…

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TV Wiring

Cable Installation Basics

There are two main types of cable television installations: pre-wiring and wiring after the finishing work on a home is done. If at all possible, pre-wire your home for cable, satellite, or install an antenna for better television reception. Of course that’s not always possible, especially if you’re buying an older home. Luckily, cable installation…

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Flat Screen TV

TV Repair

Plasma TVs have been around for a while and they’re showing up in TV repair shops en masse. Other modern TVs and projection home theater systems are also inundating the TV repair market. Unfortunately, there’s often no easy solution when your TV fails. DIY TV Repair If you’re attempting DIY TV repair, you’ll probably need…

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