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Dog home alone on the bed

Pet Safety: Leaving Your Dog or Cat Home Alone

When we go to work or school and leave our pets for the day, many of us wonder just what we’ll come back home to. As soon as the front door closes, bored, stressed, nervous, young or curious pets start howling, chewing, peeing or clawing. If your cat or dog is untrained, it can mean…

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Teenager playing video games at home alone

Child Safety Guide: How to Keep Kids Safe When They’re Home Alone

From a child home sick from school to a last-minute babysitter cancellation, no matter how organized and well-prepared you are, there will come a time when you have to trust one or more of your children to stay home on their own. Take the time to educate your children about home safety so they feel…

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Woman at home working on her laptop

Home Safety and Security Advice for Solo Female Homeowners

Did you know that 53.2 percent of single home buyers are women? You are in good company if you are one of them. Not only are these purchasing powerhouses helping the economy, but they are empowering a whole generation of women to build equity (and therefore, net worth) by owning a home. Living alone —…

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boy investigating the sounds of an alarm clock

Childproofing Your Home for a Child with Vision Impairment

Childproofing your home is an ongoing and potentially costly process (see how much childproofing costs). This routine is made more complex for the parents of a child with a visual impairment. As your child grows and begins to explore their world, there are dozens of opportunities for accidents around the house. The average home is…

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child playing behind safety gates in front of stairs at home

Home Construction & Design Techniques for Child Safety

Whether you’re looking to buy or build a home, all prospective homeowners have their own laundry lists of wants and needs. Some are practical, like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms or the amount of square footage. If you happen to be a parent looking for your next home, there is one item that tops…

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Deer standing at the edge of the woods

Hunting Safety at Home and Beyond

Deer hunting can be a thrilling activity that involves spending time in rural settings waiting for the opportunity to harvest a deer. Many hunters hone their skills season after season, using advanced techniques to tag their game. If you are just starting out as a new hunter, there’s no reason why you can’t be successful….

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Fire alarm

Fire Alarm Systems that Beat the Heat

A fire can cause incredible damage to a property. Even worse is the damage it can cause to a person’s body. The good thing about a fire, as opposed to a flood or tornado, is that, even if it cannot be prevented, it can be prepared for. Smoke and heat detectors that are in working…

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Security Camera

How to Evaluate Home Security Needs

Whether you have a full blown security system or a simple lock on your doors and windows, just about every home can benefit from a security inspection. Is your house as safe as it could be? Are there a few simple projects that could greatly decrease the likelihood of a break-in? A home security inspection…

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Intercom Systems Open Lines of Communication

In many homes you’ll be able find the latest in technological innovation, all of which tend to be centralized and controlled from a main console. Central vacuums, central humidifier, and central A/C have quickly become popular trends amongst developers. However, another common invention that connects each room in the house is an intercom system. Once…

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Wheelchair Ramp

Wheelchair Access Ramps

Building ramps makes areas more easily accessible to people who have trouble using stairs or use walkers, personal scooters, and wheelchairs. As the population of this country grows older, the need for things like wheelchair ramps is becoming more pronounced in both public buildings and private residences, as well. In some cases, installation is a…

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