Kitchen island with solid surface counter

For many larger kitchens, center kitchen islands add exponential convenience and a beautiful, decorative touch to the kitchen area. In fact, most large kitchens are built and designed specifically with a kitchen island in mind. The added convenience can come from another of areas, and some center kitchen islands are designed more for storage and extra counter space, while others are built as an extra cooking area. Center kitchen islands can enable you to utilize the extra chef in the house to help churn out veritable feasts on a regular basis, or they can provide a place for guests to sit and chat without interrupting the foot path of the cook as they navigate the kitchen.

Center Kitchen Island Design

Don’t get carried away with your kitchen island, though. You only want a kitchen island that will effectively fit within your kitchen space. An interior designer can help determine the best dimensions for your kitchen island, but it’s still a good idea to place a comparably sized piece of furniture in the middle of your kitchen or even a couple of old boxes. Leave them there for a couple days to gauge how your kitchen space will work for you. Kitchen island height is variable but is typically slightly taller than a dining room table or other counters. For sitting areas, bar stools are a great idea for kitchen islands.

Custom Kitchen Island

While kitchen island manufacturers offer a wide selection of kitchen island designs, it’s impossible to account for the nearly endless combinations of kitchen sizes, shapes, and decorating styles. And these are just the basic considerations of kitchen island design. If you’re planning on doing a lot of cooking, a ventilation hood and specially designed countertops may be essential to get what you want from your kitchen island. Simply put, there’s a decent chance you may not find what you want.

No problem, many home improvement contractors can build you a custom kitchen island. These contractors can build you a kitchen island that matches the exact dimensions and needs of your kitchen. They can install a granite countertop that is perfect for rolling dough with custom-made butcher block for chopping. Dishwashers, wine racks, stovetops, and deep fryers are just a few of the many optional installations that can be added to your custom kitchen island. The sky’s the limit, if you want there’s no reason you couldn’t install an auxiliary refrigerator unit in your kitchen island.

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Portable Kitchen Island

Also called kitchen island carts, portable kitchen islands are a great alternative for homeowners who don’t want a stationary center kitchen island or whose kitchen space can’t accommodate a permanent kitchen island. Virtually every portable kitchen island is created by placing the kitchen island on wheels, although you can choose between two or four wheel designs. Naturally, portable kitchen islands are available in a number of different sizes, designs, and appearances to match any size kitchen and any kitchen decorating scheme you may have. Depending on your kitchen and how frequently you use the island, you may store it along a kitchen wall or in a completely separate room.

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