Concrete Roofing Tiles Last a Lifetime

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Updated August 10, 2018

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A concrete roof tiles are one of the best investments you can make when it comes to installing new roofing on your home. While they do have a steeper initial cost than most other materials, concrete roofing tiles end up being a smarter investment in the end due to their vast superiority in longevity, durability and appearance when compared to other roofing materials.

Lasts a Lifetime

Sure, concrete will cost more up front, but keep in mind that there are structures in Europe where concrete roofing tiles have lasted well over a hundred years without needing replacement. With that kind of durability, it becomes clear why the initial investment in concrete will end up being a money saver in the end.

Asphalt shingle roofing generally needs replacement every twenty to thirty years, and cedar shingles can require replacement even sooner if you don’t keep up on regularly required maintenance. Concrete tiles, as a rule, are guaranteed for sixty years after installation, and most last well beyond that. It’s clear why a concrete roof will save you money in the end and can honestly be called the roof of a lifetime.

Low Maintenance

Concrete roofing tiles are perhaps the most durable and maintenance free roofing material on the market. They are impervious to high wind, highly resistant to solar damage, and even weather large hail storms better than asphalt or cedar shake shingles. Furthermore, if your concrete roof is damaged by a major hailstorm, which is about the only weather phenomenon that can damage concrete tiles, you won’t find yourself having to replace the whole roof as a result of the storm. Instead you’ll just have to replace the tiles that have been damaged and the rest can stay where they are.

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As for regular maintenance, there is none. In very humid environments you might see some moss accumulate on your tiles. Not to worry. While it might impede runoff, if it gets too thick, it doesn’t damage the tiles in any way, shape, or form. In the case that moss does get out of hand, just clean your tiles with a power washer and your concrete roofing tile will look and function like new again.

Other Benefits

Besides the durability and longevity benefits of concrete, there are several other pluses to consider as well. For one, concrete is an excellent insulator and resists the heat transfer that is a problem with other roofing materials. This means you’ll be able to keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in the winter. Furthermore, the increased air circulation that comes with concrete roofing installation methods will help keep your roof freer of ice and snow than other materials during the coldest months.

Concrete Doesn’t Mean Drab

Shun those images of a dull, grey roof from your mind. Innovations in concrete roofing tile manufacturing have made it possible to recreate everything from traditional Spanish style ceramic roofing tiles to cedar shake shingles with concrete materials. The concrete versions mimic other materials so well that your neighbors won’t even be able to tell the difference. Why choose a ceramic tile roof that will chip and crack easily or a cedar shake roof that requires treating every five years, when you can use concrete instead and have a tougher, maintenance free roof that will last a lifetime? Beyond that, more traditional concrete roofing now comes in a variety of styles, shades and colors—enough to please any prospective buyer.

Sure it costs a little more up front, but for an attractive, maintenance free, lifetime solution to your roofing needs, you can’t beat the eternally uniform look of a concrete roof.


  1. Karin Crosby, May 14:

    I need roof replacement and am considering Concrete roofing tiles. Can you give me an estimate?

  2. Karin Crosby, May 14:

    I have about 4000.00 st of roof to replace. How much would it be to replace it with Concrete Roofing tiles? The roof was constructed to bear the extra weight. I am in Seminole County. Any answer would be appreciated very much.

  3. Wendy, October 5:

    I have about 1300sq live in tampa. Can i get a estimate on a the cheaper side of the spectrum of concrete tiles. Thanks in adavance.

  4. HomeAdvisor, October 6:

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