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During the hubbub of a big move, it’s easy to overlook the smaller items on your to-do list. Here are six few tips to help you complete your move without that “I-think-we-forgot-something” feeling.

  1. Use up groceries: Don’t load up on groceries if you’re a week or so away from moving — that’s just one more thing to pack. Instead, grab the essentials and work on paring down the food you already have.
  1. Have directions: During a big relocation, it’s helpful to know where you’re going — especially if you’re using a moving crew. Have your destination plugged into your smartphone before you make the trip to your new home. Also, in case of an emergency, keep a hardcopy of your directions somewhere handy.
  1. Drive the route: If you’re moving nearby, drive the route to your new home before the big day. It’s important to be aware of any clearance- or maintenance-related issues that might delay your move.
  1. Set up utilities: Turn on your utilities before you move in for an extra bump in comfort. Some real estate agencies handle your utility switch prior to your move. Check with your agent to see if this is an option.
  1. Confirm reservations: If you’re driving long distance, double-check your hotel reservations before you leave. After a long day of packing and driving, arriving to no vacancy isn’t fun.
  1. Bring entertainment: For long-distance moves, it’s important to bring snacks and entertainment. Books, DVD players and some kid-friendly activities will keep your passengers happy during a long trip.


  1. Colin Wallace, January 29:

    Moving can be a stressful task if you don’t stay organized. Staying organized will save you time and money. You should first go through your entire house and sort through what can be thrown away. That will save you from sifting through it later. Next, make a moving day checklist. Include all of the items needed for your move like boxes, bubble wrap, tape, etc. Also list all of the rooms in your house on your checklist for later use. Even if you are using a local mover, it is still important to make a list for a quick easy move. Next, comes the packing. Pre-label each box by room. Pack all of your stuff one room at a time. Exclude breakable items and pack them separately. As you get each room done, check it off the list. It is also very important to stay on track in the order of the list. It is very easy to get flustered and not even know where to start. As a result, you may start in one room, then get halfway done and be distracted by stuff in another room. Stick with the list and you’ll be done in no time!

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