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How Much Does Computer Networking Cost?

Typical Range: $187 - $630

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Computer Network Installation Costs

The average cost of installing a basic home computer network by yourself is $386, with a range between $187 and $630. However, the cost of hiring professionals to install a complete network can be as high as $6,000, especially if they need to run wire through the walls or dig trenches to lay cable outside. This cost includes parts and labor, with the biggest cost variables including the hardware, complexity of the wiring and labor costs for your area. The most important parts for a computer network include computers, modems, monitors, printers and cable.

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Computer Network Wiring Installation Cost Calculator

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National Average $386
Typical Range $187 - $630
Low End - High End $85 - $1,300

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Network Cable Installation Pricing

The low end on price for an integrated network cable installation is $1,000, which includes running the cable as discretely as possible. This process primarily involves routing the cable through the walls rather than simply laying them across the floor.

This minimum price assumes 1,000 feet of CAT-5 cable with existing network components. A typical installation could require up to 2,000 feet of CAT-6 cable with eight connections for a cost of about $3,800. A high-end installation costs about $6,000 for fiber optic cable with a dedicated patch panel, which is most common in custom homes. A major consideration for professional installations is the cost of trenching cable from an outside access point. This step should only be necessary for older houses that have never had network wiring, as modern houses usually have cable run from the access point during construction.

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Cost to Wire Ethernet in House

The cost of installing ethernet cable in a house ranges from $0.25 to $0.70 per foot of cable. The CAT family of cables has several types, with CAT-5, CAT-6 and CAT-7 being the most popular at this time. These types are available as unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and shielded twisted pair (STP). UTP is less expensive and the most common, while STP provides greater security for your network.

Cost to Install an Ethernet Port

The cost of installing an Ethernet port is about $150. This price primarily consists of labor, which requires one to two hours at a rate of $50 to $60 per hour. The port itself costs between $25 and $50.

Fiber Optic Cable Installation Cost

The cost of a network installation with fiber optic cable is about $6,000, including 1,000 feet of cable, eight connections and a dedicated patch panel. The signals in fiber optic cable don’t degrade as quickly as those in copper wire like CAT or coaxial cable, although fiber optic cable is also up to five times more expensive. However, fiber optic cable is indispensable for some types of small businesses.

Coaxial Cable Installation Cost

The typical cost of installing coaxial cable is between $0.20 and $0.50 per foot. This is still the most common way of bringing the internet into the home, but you’ll still need CAT cable to connect individual computing devices to a modem or router. Coaxial cable is the most affordable cabling option for those who want a hardwired network.

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Small Business Network Setup Cost

The cost of a home office may include additional networking options such as a dedicated T1 line, which can cost between $200 and $1,200 per month. The main difference with a T1 line is that the upload speed is equal to the download speed, unlike typical home systems where the download speed is much higher than the upload speed. A good Wi-Fi extender only costs about $30, but it can dramatically increase the range and reliability of your Wi-Fi service. This benefit is especially important for a home with many wireless devices.

Internet Installation Cost

The cost of setting up an internet connection ranges from $75 to $150. Providers often waive their setup fee as an incentive for signing up, assuming a site visit isn't necessary. However, the provider will need to send a technician if your home’s current wiring doesn’t support the speed you want.

Wi-Fi Installation Cost

An installation for basic Wi-Fi service costs about $240. This price assumes CAT-5e cable with a maximum run of 150 feet from the hardwired internet connection to the wireless access point. A technician who performs Wi-Fi installation services near you can install the access point at the location you choose and connect it to your LAN. The technician should also test the network’s connections and wireless coverage.

Network Installation Prices

The cost of labor for installing a hardwired home network is typically $50 to $60 per hour. An installation can take days to complete, assuming your home has no wiring at all to begin with. Most contractors estimate they’ll need 30 to 50 hours to install 2,000 feet of cable, depending on existing wiring and complexity of the installation.

Network Cable Installation Cost Factors

The biggest cost factor for installing network cable is the time the project requires. The time a technician needs to run cable is particularly variable, as it depends on how much of the cable runs are inside walls. Other variables include the time needed to install additional hardware and configure the network.

Hardware Options

The hardware costs of a home network include $800 to $1,000 for each computer. A router costs about $125, while a modem costs about $75.

The cost of installing telephone jacks like RJ45 jacks, plates and plugs can range from $25 to $50, although these costs are almost all labor. Off-the-shelf Ethernet switches cost between $50 and $100, but each port can cost $10 to $15 to configure if you need custom settings. Once you have a properly configured network, you can save money by sharing peripheral devices such as monitors, modems and printers.

Network Cable Pricing

The cost of installing network cable is highly dependent on the type of cable. More expensive cable generally supports greater security and higher data transmission speeds. The following table shows the installation costs for the most common types of cable:

Cable TypeInstallation Cost (per linear foot)
Coaxial$0.20 to $0.50
Fiber optic$1 to $6

DIY Network Installation vs. Hire a Pro

Anyone can plug cables into the appropriate port on a computing device, but network installations are usually more complex than this. Installing a cable in a home usually involves routing cable through walls, which a professional installer should perform. Custom lengths of cable also requires a pro to cut the cable to the desired length and install a connector on the end. Another area that may require a pro is configuring the network, especially one with an unusual architecture.


How much does internet cost?

The typical cost of internet service is between $50 to $100 per month, although it some providers may charge more than this for higher speeds. The top speed for most providers is 1,000 mbps for residential service.

How much does a computer cost?

The cost of a basic computer system starts at about $800, assuming a reasonably-sized monitor, adequate memory and storage for general use. This price increases substantially for applications like gaming, which require a larger monitor, more memory and a dedicated video card. A small business may also require computers with additional storage

Can I install Ethernet myself?

You may be able to install Ethernet cable yourself if you use premade cable and don’t route it through walls or other confined spaces. If you run the cable along walls, ensure you don’t bend it too sharply when going around corners. It’s also important to keep the weight and position of the cable from placing stress on the connector.

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