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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Computer Network Or Wiring?

Typical Range: $188 - $614

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In this day and age, having a computer network in your own home is a necessity for many a home based business, or just a busy family with many computers. You may be wondering what the computer network setup costs are? The cost of your computer network can vary greatly. Here are a few different factors that can influence how much you might spend on your home computer network.

Hardware Options

The single largest part of your computer network is the hardware: computers, printers, modems, monitors, etc. You can get as elaborate and expensive or as streamlined and economical as your budget allows when it comes to hardware. One area in which having a home network can save you money is the ability for all the computers in your home to map to the same printer. In this way you can invest in one printer for the entire household rather than one for each computer.
Before you purchase the computers in your network it is a good idea to make a list of what kinds of things you want to achieve with your network. Are you working from your home and need stable, uninterrupted computer and internet access 24 hours a day for your team? Maybe you just need for your kids to be able to do their homework and all have access to the printer. Or perhaps you want to be able to stream movies in every room of the house. Any way that you want it, it certainly can be achieved, but having a good idea of what you need ahead of time will give a professional at a computer store a better idea of how to help you. Or if you are choosing your components yourself, you will better know what to search for.

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Wired or Wireless?

Organizing cables and wires for a network can be confusing and daunting. It is often cleaner and less confusing to go wireless and have the printers, routers, and cable modems connected to each machine without wires. Wireless capability can be more expensive than hard-wiring everything, but it can save you in convenience (and a mess of wires!!) in the long run.

Redesign or Remodel Home Office?

Will you need to remodel or rebuild your home office in any way to accommodate your network? If you have all your computer equipment already and are just going to network all the machines, chances are you won't need to remodel anything, but if you are introducing a network of computers into your home where you did not previously have one, you may need to think of the added expense of new desks, ergonomic chairs, built in shelving or surfaces and cabinets to house your new equipment.

Internet Choices

If you are new to computer networking you will need to find the best Internet service provider to accommodate all the machines in your home. The best Internet plan for you and your family depends largely on what you are using your network for. Downloading large files, streaming movies and videos, and playing online games can require fast internet speeds which are more expensive. The more people in our network on the computer at the same time, the faster the speed you need. Most internet service providers have a number of different plans to accommodate the needs of everyone in your household.


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