Jacuzzi tub

Between work and family, all of us live busy lives. So after a long day, most of us just want to come home and relax. But then there’s dinner, the kid’s homework, baths and bedtime, and by the time you have a moment to yourself you’re too exhausted to enjoy it. The last person on your list of priorities is usually you. Why? If you’re not relaxed and energized, how are you supposed to be of help to anybody else? Plus, where are you supposed to find the time and money to go to a spa or a weekend retreat? You can’t, so the best alternative is to bring the spa to you.

Jacuzzi Therapy

Most people take warm baths or showers to simply wake up and get ready for the day. Or after a long workout or a day at the office you just need to quickly clean up by hopping into some water. Except water isn’t just for cleansing; it can actually help your health. The idea behind the jetted tub has been around for centuries by combining the calming soak of a bath and the pulsating rhythm of a shower. In fact, for thousands of years hydrotherapy has helped people heal through relaxation.

Greek physicians used to prescribe water therapy to patients for its residual health benefits, and Roman civilizations created communal baths for the same reason: they saw the healing assistance of water. And this is true to today, where many modern-day doctors are still prescribing hot baths, steams, hot springs, and saunas in order to improve health, cure ailments, and promote prevention.

Here are just some of the advantages of a Jacuzzi:

  • Relieves fatigue
  • Prevents stiffness and other body aches
  • Reduces stress by the releasing endorphins into the body
  • Allows harmful toxins to leave the body
  • Soothes muscles aches, arthritis, back pain, and can be used to repair injuries
  • Improves flexibility and increases muscle endurance
  • Can actually reduce the affects of aging
  • Has been shown to reduce high blood pressure
  • Can even boost your metabolism for additional weight loss.

Of course, a jetted tub is not a cure-all. It is simply designed to assist in the healing process and to allow you time to recoup from the daily rigors of life.

What to Buy

Jacuzzis, like any tub, come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. So the best thing you can do is research. What type of jets do you want? What kind of pump and air vent is needed? What looks best in your house? Which color is going to work for you and your home decor? The best answer to all of these questions is to figure out what the jetted tub will be most used for in your house. Therapy, fun, relaxation, cleaning, etc.; once you know its purpose, sales associates and other industry professionals can then lead you to the tub that is right for you and your needs. All the rest (the style, the look, etc.) comes together easy once you find the right unit.

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After the Purchase

Once you’ve bought your tub, you may have to run it a few time by itself in case there may be some build-up in the jets. Sometimes rust and other materials can be sitting in the jets and they simply need to be dislodged. Don’t be alarmed if a brown liquid forms at first; it’s natural. Of course, if this continues you may want to consult a professional for assistance.

Otherwise, clean-up is easy and economical: simply use your everyday shower scrub for daily cleaning; and for more thorough clean-up, run a bath with a mild bleach solution (1 cup) in order to clean the piping. For other intense maintenance, once again, call a professional. But in the meantime, enjoy your new purchase. Buy a massage pillow, change the degree of pressure in you jets to switch things up, or adjust the jets to hit different parts of your body. This is the beauty of the Jacuzzi: even when there are two people in it at the same time (possibly buy some romantic candles for this type of occasion) simply by adjusting the jets each person can still get their own individual experience.

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