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In older homes, a room makeover is often necessary not just to improve appearances but to increase functionality as well. A room makeover can spruce up the look of a dingy den, but it could also make a living room or study more technology friendly. In no place in the home, however, does a room makeover make more sense than in a kitchen. Older kitchens often lack the space and storage that the modern kitchen requires, not to mention the amenities that many new homeowners take for granted.

Kitchen Makeovers for Appearance

When you already have all the things you want and need in your kitchen, a skin-deep change is often all that’s necessary.

Countertops are one place where a kitchen makeover can have a very noticeable effect, without the need to pull anything up or tear anything down. After years of use, countertops can look pretty sad; getting stained, stabbed, and sliced for decades can really take its toll. Many different countertop materials can be installed directly over the existing countertop in an hour or two. The measurements are taken, the material is decided upon, then the new counter is fashioned to slide right on with no mess or hassle.

Cabinets are what a kitchen makeover is all about. There are so many different cabinet options that you’re sure to find one that suits your needs and tastes. Even if you don’t replace the entire cabinet structure, some spiffy new doors and hardware can change the feel of the room for the better, without the high price or long labor.

Flooring is subjected to a lot of wear and tear, and it can get downright ugly after years of traffic. If you’re lucky enough to already have some good hardwood in your kitchen, you may want to have it stripped and refinished to enhance the look. Those dealing with a floor that’s beyond saving can, of course, install new linoleum, but a lot of modern homeowners are opting for laminate. It looks like wood, the performance, in many cases, is even better, and the price is significantly cheaper.

Kitchen Makeovers for Function

Rather than just scratching the surface, a functional kitchen makeover is often about pulling out and replacing appliances and fixtures. Many people find that one of the things they most want to replace in an old kitchen is the sink. With built in water filters, spray hoses, and wider (or multiple) basins, new sinks have far more options than their predecessors. They’ll also look nice, to boot!

Older kitchens are often missing dishwashers, which can be a big job to install if the room wasn’t designed to accommodate one. Old stoves are often unreliable and can’t properly perform the job they’re supposed to do. A new fridge (maybe one with an ice maker) is another common replacement. One of the greatest things about getting all new appliances is lower energy consumption. Those who use their kitchens a lot may very well notice a marked difference when the electric bill comes around.

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