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Incredible Castles in Every State in the U.S.

Think Europe is the only continent with expansive castles? Think again. The U.S. has its fair share of castles, some fit for royalty and some built solely for monkeys to roam. From castles made entirely of ice to fortresses of iron, these are the best castles in every state. Choose a State: AL | AK…

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How Pets See Your Home

You love your pets. Hopefully, you also love your home. What’s interesting is that your furry family members see your home very differently than you do. It’s not a matter of taste – it’s how their eyes are built. It’s not true that dogs see in black and white, but they do see fewer colors…

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The Simpsons TV Sets Get a Wes Anderson Inspired Makeover

If Wes Anderson Designed the Interiors of The Simpsons

The interiors of The Simpsons are as familiar as our own homes. It helps that the average family home looks a little… disheveled. Just like Homer and Marge, homeowners add random bits and bobs over the years, patching things up as they go along. Our rooms become more individual but less stylish with each new…

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Framed art in bathroom

Focus Factors: Hanging Framed Art and Picture Lighting

Displaying art in the home is a wonderful way to express your own individual taste. Whether you are an avid collector or a part time dabbler, the art you choose to put on your wall makes a statement about your home and the people who reside there. It is important to display your art in…

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Couple putting up garage sale sign in yard

Help for a Successful Garage Sale

I know the feeling. You look around your home and wonder how did you accumulate all this stuff? Between the kids’ old toys, old clothes that you don’t use (or are out of style) and the items you thought were great to have (shouldn’t watch infomercials at 2 in the morning) but you never use….

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A tribute to video game architecture. Original HomeAdvisor digital renderings from famous video games.

A Tribute to Video Game Architecture

HomeAdvisor created 3D-looking digital renderings from popular video games. Check out these 8-bit-like buildings or structures from Final Fantasy, Zelda, Bioshock, Assassin’s Creed, Dark Souls, Half-Life.

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art deco america

Art Deco America

Art Deco was a glamorous European design style that grew out of the waning Art Nouveau movement in the first decades of the 20th century. Manifesting through new trends in architecture and interior design, the movement perfectly captured the spirit of the age: hope, progress and jazz! Naturally, when Art Deco made it across the…

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Woven baskets and food jars in pantry with built-in shelves

20 Farmhouse Decor Ideas – From Shiplap to Eucalyptus

Store your farmer’s market goods openly on your counter, island or gathering table. Fill a piece of glassware with contrasting fruit. Leave a fresh loaf of bread on a wooden cutting board. Find these ideas and more in HomeAdvisor’s Guide to Farmhouse Decor.

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Woman Looking at Price Tag of Chandelier
the sitcom sofa

A Visual Compendium of Sitcom Sofas

The sofa, as television producers have long known, is the perfect sitcom prop. It can form the center of a studio stage, symbolize family values, or create a mirror image of the viewer at home. In some sitcoms, the sofa is so important that it is a star in its own right. The classic sitcom…

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