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Few home improvement materials have made as large of an impact on Beantown homes as vinyl siding in Boston. With its harsh, northern coastal climate, the Boston area is notoriously hard on traditional siding materials. Wood siding rots, mildews, cracks, and splits, and many metal siding options fade, rust, and dent in the face of Boston's sweltering summer heat, brutal Nor'easters, and off shore storms. Vinyl siding in Boston, on the other hand, seems to be the perfect fit. Vinyl is tough, durable, and impervious to corrosion and rot. Furthermore, thanks to new technological advances in its production, the old complaints against vinyl regarding its tendency to fade and grow brittle over time are pretty much a thing of the past. That stellar combination of durability and longevity makes installing vinyl siding in Boston one of the smartest decisions homeowners in the Hub can make.

Vinyl Siding in Boston Pays for Itself
If you're not completely convinced yet, maybe this statistic from Remodeling Magazine will help to win you over. Over the last several years, installing vinyl siding in the New England area has consistently been one of the top or the actual number one home improvement when it comes to recouping your costs and increasing your home's value. In fact, it's one of the few home improvements that regularly reports in with return rates that range from 95% to well over 100%. That makes installing vinyl siding in Boston a no-brainer. Not only will you get a product that will beautify your residence, protect your home, and provide you with nearly maintenance-free performance for years into the future, you're also almost guaranteed to get back all the money you invested in your siding should you choose to sell your home some time down the road.

Boston Vinyl Siding Costs and Project Durations
Interestingly, vinyl siding is one of those paradoxical materials that performs better and costs less than many of its competitors. Just how reasonable is vinyl siding installation in the Greater Boston area? HomeAdvisor keeps close track of the thousands of jobs performed in Boston every year by the contractors in our system by asking homeowners to complete a simple survey for us when their project is finished. From that survey we gather some important information, including how pleased the homeowner was with the work done, the final cost of the project, how long it took, and anything else the homeowner feels is important to mention. Based on that info, the average Boston vinyl siding project runs about $9,500 per home and takes in the neighborhood of 12 days to complete. That number can vary depending on the size of your home and the quality of the siding you choose, however. For example, in the Boston area we have records of siding installations that ended up costing as little as $7,000, as well as some that ran upwards of $30,000. And as for timelines, our speediest job was reported as finished in 2 days, while the longest took over a month.

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A Few Things you should Know about Vinyl Siding in Boston
While installing Boston vinyl siding is one of the best home improvements you can make, bar none, it pays to educate yourself on vinyl siding, in general, and to shop around when you decide you're ready to have vinyl siding installed. For starters, not all vinyl siding is equal. Cheap vinyl siding is made of thinner gauge vinyl and rarely has the impact modifiers and color stabilizers that you'll find in higher quality materials. Sure you'll save a few thousand dollars initially, but that cheap-o vinyl is going to fade faster than the Yankees in a best of seven AL Championship Series against the Red Sox. Not to mention, cheap siding also grows brittle from exposure to sun and cold temperatures. In other words, if you don't want to be shopping for new vinyl siding again a few years down the road, it's worth it to pay more up front for quality materials and workmanship. New, high quality lines of vinyl siding in Boston are often guaranteed for the life of the product, include an extra layer of insulation on the back side to help your home stay warmer through those brutal Boston winters, and quality vinyl siding also incorporates additives during the production process that makes it more resistant to impact, damaging UV light, and extreme temperatures. To put it bluntly, with vinyl siding you definitely get what you pay for.

Finding a Reputable Boston Vinyl Siding Contractor
Since there is such a wide range of quality in vinyl siding materials on the market, it's absolutely vital that you find a quality contractor who works with good materials to install new siding on your home. If you randomly pick a contractor out of the yellow pages, there's a good possibility you'll be as upset with the finished product as those tea partiers were with British taxation back in 1773. So how do you ensure you won't get ripped off if you're looking to hire a Boston vinyl siding contractor? Take the advice of those who've gone before you. Bostonians who've already taken the plunge almost universally recommend you get multiple bids on the job to compare prices and make sure everyone's on the up-and-up. Take this homeowner, for instance, who replied to our survey with the suggestion that you "make sure that you get plenty of bids on the project, at least 5-7. It's tedious to have to meet with different people to explain the same thing but well worth it." Meeting with multiple contractors not only allows you to get the best deal, it also helps you to weed out contractors who might try to take you for a ride, since you can compare and contrast the different offers you receive.

Other than that, be sure to check a few references before you sign any contracts, and consider using a referral service to help you find names of contractors you can trust to start with. Knowing that a company like HomeAdvisor has already done a lot of the homework for you: All HomeAdvisor contractors are pre-screened and you can easily go online and check compiled customer ratings of each contractor in our system. We can help take some of that initial guesswork out of the equation, ensuring that your Boston vinyl siding installation experience ends up being as smooth as a siding installation can get.

Matt Goering, formerly a carpenter and house painter, is a freelance writer for the home improvement industry who has published over 600 articles.