New and Improved Seattle Vinyl Siding

by Marcus Pickett

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Though residential siding may not excite the typical homeowner as much as, say, a new bathroom or kitchen, its dual role of providing basic home protection and creating the base of your home's curb appeal makes it an indispensable area of your home. While most homeowners come to a new siding project out of necessity as their old siding deteriorates beyond hope, you may be surprised when your new siding makes you fall in love with your home all over again.

New Options for Vinyl Siding in Seattle
Vinyl siding has seen quite a few changes in recent years. Although vinyl has always been a reasonable siding option, older lines of vinyl were susceptible to cracking from extreme temperatures and fading from prolonged exposure to the sun. The Puget Sound climate naturally minimizes these hazards, but it may not eliminate them. High-end foam-backed vinyl with color stabilizing treatments, on the other hand, will eliminate these risk factors, giving you a long lasting, maintenance-free siding.

Unfortunately, these new lines of vinyl also come with an additional cost, greatly complicating the decision for Seattle homeowners. If you're planning on installing only small sections of siding, you might as well spring for the good stuff. To clad your entire home with siding, the less expensive vinyl can save you more than $2,000. At this point, the decision can become fairly personalized. If you're working within a tight budget, you may need to take the less expensive option, but if you want a worry-free siding that's going to last for the lifetime of your home, high-end vinyl is the way to go. Plus, the foam backing will also help your home's insulation and your winter heating bill.

Benefits of Seattle Vinyl Siding
Regardless of your decision, vinyl siding has a lot to offer your Seattle home. The primary function of any Seattle siding must be water protection, and vinyl siding has you covered. Virtually waterproof, vinyl siding is more likely to see water damage from a homeowner than Mother Nature. You should be careful about cleaning your vinyl siding with an upward shooting pressure washer that can loosen the adhesion of your siding. Rainfall, however, has little chance of affecting your vinyl siding. Plus, vinyl is pest resistant and scratch resistant. In fact, because the color of your vinyl siding goes through the entire material, any minor scratches that do occur won't create an eyesore.

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Cost of Seattle Vinyl Siding Installation
For a full siding installation, you can expect to pay about $10,000 for basic vinyl siding and $12,000 for the high-end stuff, although smaller projects can be done for just a few thousand dollars. Any major home improvement project is bound to return some of its cost in additional resale value of your home. If you can't decide what type of vinyl to install and want to use this measure as a tie-breaker, you unfortunately won't find much difference. The average for recouping expenses with basic vinyl is 80 percent, while high-end vinyl tends to recover about 78 percent of its cost.

Seattle Vinyl Siding Contractors
Vinyl siding tends to be among the easier siding materials to install, but the process can still be trying for homeowner and contractor alike. You can expect to see several days to a week or more of vibrating walls associated with siding installation. Unless the homeowner feels compelled to be present during the project, most homeowners and contractor arrange a schedule so the majority of the project can be completed while you're at work or otherwise away from your home. Weather, however, can always create delays and inconveniences. Often, homeowners will need to exercise patience as contractors attempt to be as accommodating as possible. Between getting multiple estimates and talking to your contractor before the project begins, you'll hopefully have built a rapport with your contractor, but the best contractors also tend to be busy so plan for an extra week during the winter when steady rain showers are likely.

Marcus Pickett is a professional freelance writer for the home remodeling industry. He has published more than 600 articles on both regional and national topics within the home improvement industry.