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An attic space no longer translates solely into storage space above the home. Depending on its size, it can act as another room in the house. If you have a well-sized attic and thought about potential uses outside of storage, it may be time to put those ideas into practice. Regardless of your plans for the space, there are a number of factors affecting the cost involved in remodeling it. Get free quotes for installing an attic fan.

Attic Size

The size of your attic takes first priority in determining cost, though larger spaces might cost less depending on the contractor. The real question lies in how much work needs to be done. Attics, like basements, are often unfinished spaces, just simple beams and open walls. A small attic could be heavily remodeled, whereas a larger space might be left as one large open room or subdivided into smaller spaces. The more walls moved, destroyed or constructed, the more expensive the project will be.   Continue Reading
  • Install Blown-In Insulation Costs
    Most homeowners spent between:
    $875 - $1,897
    Average cost:
    Low cost:
    High cost:
  • Install Batt, Rolled, or Reflective Insulation Costs
    Most homeowners spent between:
    $968 - $2,141
    Average cost:
    Low cost:
    High cost:
  • Install an Attic Fan Costs
    Most homeowners spent between:
    $342 - $750
    Average cost:
    Low cost:
    High cost:

Attic Finishing

How finished you want your attic to be will also affect cost. If your attic will only act as a storage area, then air and watering tightening and dust control might be the extent of the remodel. If you plan on turning it into a bedroom or home office, a considerable amount of money will go into floor and wall coverings, window treatments and furniture. The rule of 7's is also important in determining whether or not to remodel the space for uses outside of storage. Building codes require that a finished attic is at least seven feet high, seven feet wide and 70 square feet.

Attic Accessibility

Another cost factor in remodeling an attic space is accessibility. If it is a difficult space to get to with equipment and tools, the total labor costs charged by a contractor will be much higher. You may also have to install switchback stairs. Switchback stairs have a square layout and can fit into spaces where regular stairs cannot.
Determine whether you will be able to put amenities into the space as well. Often attics are not wired for electricity or pipes for water. So if you wanted to turn it into an office or bedroom, that can greatly increase the price of the total work required to make the space accessible.

Attic Furniture

Calculating a budget for furnishing the attic space with bedroom or office furniture should be considered. Look for sales in big-box stores or online. You should also call a structural engineer beforehand to see how much weight the attic floor can endure. Since it's often designed with lighter materials, the attic will likely hold far less weight than a normal home structure.

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