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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Door?

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On average, door installation costs $923, with most homeowners spending between $478 and $1,398. This data is based on actual project costs as reported by HomeAdvisor members.

Table of Contents

  1. Interior or Exterior Door?
  2. Space for the Door
  3. Types of Doors
  4. Door Materials
  5. Frame for the Doors

Installing a door is typically something that doesn't need to happen often, so it makes it difficult to try to predict door installation prices. First off, this is typically a job well-suited to a professional to ensure that it's properly installed and that you're getting the right door for your space. Beyond hiring a professional, there are a couple of common factors that will impact the cost to install a door.

Interior versus Exterior

In general, a standard interior door is cheaper than an exterior one. Exterior doors tend to be heavier, which it makes them harder to work with and increases the door installation price. Also, exterior doors need to have perfect insulation and edges to make sure that no drafts will get through and that safety is covered.

Existing Space

If you're replacing an old door with a new one, then the door installation will be lower. This means that there is already a hole for the door to be fitted in, and cuts that whole step out of the project. The one exception is in older homes or homes with unusually sized doors where the hole would need to be re-cut to allow for a more modern door. This can increase the cost to install a door significantly from a simple replacement. If you're putting in a new door where there was none, then cutting the space for that door will bring the door installation price to the highest end of the spectrum.

Door Type

The kind of door you choose will impact the door installation price. A standard door will be on the lower end of the spectrum, but there are lots of doors out there. From single to French doors to sliding, bi-fold, barn or pocket doors, there are a lot of choices. Some of these are larger than typical doors and will require more construction to the walls to fit. The doors themselves will likely be more expensive, as well, than a standard door. The cost to install a door that requires more specialization or extra space to be cut will be more expensive.

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Material Types

Doors can be made out of wood, wood veneer, steel, aluminum or fiberglass - to name just some of the options. Exterior doors will be sturdier than interior doors and will have a higher door installation price. Steel doors are generally the most affordable option, but there are a range of options for each kind of material. One of the ways to watch your door installation price is to budget for the door itself.

Steel Doors

Steel doors are one of the most common and effective doors to install, usually as entry doors, garage doors, side doors or for privacy uses. Homeowners can expect to pay between $500 and $1,230 to install or replace a steel entry door. The cost of a steel entry door ranges between $200 and $500, depending on the thickness of the door and its style. Some styles of steel door you can choose from include:

  • Flushed: no designs, good for garages, back and side entries
  • Paneled: can have panels made of fiberglass or wood
  • Arched: has an arch-shaped design

Homeowners who invest in steel entry doors will have to pay more for this type, because of its material, weight and the installation process. However, it lasts for a long time, can handle troublesome weather conditions like storms and hurricanes and comes in various colors and designs. It does require some maintenance if it's dented or scratched, which can cost more than other doors to repair. Just be sure to consult with a door professional ahead of time before replacing or installing this door, as it is not a DIY project.

Door Frame

The state of your frame will also have an impact on the door installation price. If it's in good shape, then nothing will need to be done. But if there's any rotting or maintenance, then that will add to the cost to install a door. Overall, the cost to install a door will depend on the different choices you make throughout the project. The door itself will be a big factor as well as if you're using an existing frame or if you've decided to try a new type of door. Make sure to talk to at least three professionals before making your decision to ensure that you'll be happy with your new door.

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Rick Mcintyre More than 1 year ago
Qualify your job as a *Basic Installation or **Custom Installation. During certain promotional periods local retailers like lumber yards, Home Depot and Lowes drive the labor cost of *Basic Installation of an Entry Door Unit. Basic Installation is for Single Entry Door Unit requiring 1 man @ 3hours and involves removing the lock and deadbolt, popping the hinge pins to remove the door slab, scoring and removing the brickmold and interior trim, removing the door unit, and installing the new door unit and re-installing, trim (and caulk), door bell, and lock and deadbolt (non-mortise lock) Custom Installations: Any installation that requires additional work and materials outside the scope of a Basic Installation, are factors to consider when pricing a **Custom Installation. Examples are Sidelite Entry Units, Entry Units with Transoms, and Double Door Entry Units, the presense of a Mortise Lock and door slab/panel over 6' 8" tall requiring more than 1 man @ 3hrs, the presence of an Security System/Alarm, presence of a Smart(R) Lock, a Storm/Screen Door mounted to the existing door that needs to be uninstalled then reinstalled, the presence of rott on the frame usually means rott beneath the door frame that requires additional materials and carpentry, a unit exposed to the elements that is not Flashed (no side or threshold Flashing and/or no Drip Cap) needs to be Flashed and prices accordingly. The cost of all materials is the responsibility of the customer. The best practice is to collect the cost of all materials in advance of any work. This way the job goes smoothly.
Caspary Jane More than 1 year ago

Very basic. The doors are for bedroom and bath. There is no need for work to be done on the door frame. Essentially I need someone to cut the holes for the door knob and the latch and cut out for the hinges to attach.  Hang them or not I can hang them I just can't cut the holes.

Raquel strauss More than 1 year ago
This is an excellent website, very thorough in asking for details and giving good explanations about the construction and price for each door.
Bridget Loosen More than 1 year ago
Excellent website easy to navigate. We are getting an estimate on a exterior door installation.
Anne Kellas More than 1 year ago
Very Pleased with this site!  Easy to maneuver around ... good estimates and  am glad I found it!
charles pantino More than 1 year ago
basic installation
Esteban Vazquez More than 1 year ago
hi some body here??

Harry Hoesch More than 1 year ago
The contractors locations were nonexistent. It's a small job that only very local contractors would find it cost effective without pricing themselves out of the job.

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