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How Much Does it Cost to Remodel for Disability Accommodation?

Remodel for Disability Accommodation Costs
Average reported costs
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Most homeowners
spent between
$1,431 - $9,040
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Home modifications can accommodate everyone from persons with mobility impairments to those with vision loss, hearing loss or even cognitive or developmental disabilities. Remodeling will allow the disabled person in your home to feel more empowered and independent - it's an important step. If you're not sure what you need, or how much it will cost, below are some factors to consider.

Interior modifications

Interior modifications are things like adding grab bars and handrails throughout the home, lowering cabinets and sinks, adding non-slip flooring, stair lifts and widening halls and doors. You may also need to think about lowered toilets, thermostats installed at a lower height and even simple things like access to window treatments and easier to use door knobs. There are so many considerations, but based on the type of disability, that will dictate your needs. This is just a short list of things to think about. The costs for these things can run the gamut, but see the last point below for some ideas for financing.

Exterior modifications

If you need a wheelchair ramp, increased access to areas around your home or maybe even adding automatic gates for ease-of-use - your professional can do all this and more. Talk to your contractor about the disability and the activity level of the person needing the modifications and together you can come up with a customized solution for your home.


Search the Internet and ask around - there are programs out there that can help you fund your home remodel. If you live in an apartment, for example, the Fair Housing Act of 1968 states that tenants have the right to make reasonable modifications to their apartments - and accessibility modifications are considered reasonable. Over 65? Check Medicare. Another option is the National Council for Independent Living. There are programs available to help you with your cost. Also know that many of your modifications will be tax deductable.


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Joe Ainis More than 1 year ago
Did anybody use the above programs  to help with their issues???

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