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top 10 cities to Remodel a Garage
Most expensive
  • 1 Los Angeles, CA $15,880
  • 2 Miami, FL $15,000
  • 3 San Francisco, CA $14,883
  • 4 Atlanta, GA $14,808
  • 5 Sacramento, CA $14,703
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Most volume
  • 1 Houston, TX
  • 2 San Jose, CA
  • 3 San Antonio, TX
  • 4 Dallas, TX
  • 5 Los Angeles, CA
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How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Garage?

Remodel a Garage Costs
Average reported costs
based on 387 cost profiles
Most homeowners
spent between
$5,664 - $16,219
Low cost
High cost

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The cost to remodel your garage will be based on how you will use your new space. Transforming a garage into a new master suite with a bathroom, an office workspace, or a small apartment–all are common garage remodeling projects that involve a lot of cost variables. Other garage projects to make the existing space more spacious and organized will cost less.

Add Windows

If your garage doesn't have any windows, you can add some. This is especially important if you want to list it as a bedroom or rent it out. It will need to have an egress window, which means one big enough for a person to escape through in case of a fire.

Plumbing & Electricity

Most garages are already outfitted with existing electricity for automatic garage door opening and lighting. They are not often fitted for plumbing though. So if you want to turn your garage into a living space with a bathroom or intend to use it as an office space, you will need to have plumbing installed and likely add more wiring and outlets to the room for additional electrical devices.

Heating & Cooling

Adding an HVAC is another option that might exist in your garage, depending on your climate. If not, it will be another factor in your garage renovation costs should you decide to make it into a usable space.

Interior Walls & Insulation

You'll most likely need to add interior walls and a ceiling with insulation if it's going to be a bedroom or office space. This will help keep your remodeled room as comfortable as the rest of your home. Since the space is already framed and has walls, it will also be a cheaper option than an addition.

Interior Design Cost Factors

Once you get past the basics, total cost will vary based on what types of materials you choose to finish the room. You have a wide variety of flooring options available, from the original concrete to carpet or laminate. Carpet and laminate will stay on the lower end of the cost spectrum, and hardwood will increase remodel costs depending on the type. If you intend to make it into a bedroom, you will need to consider furnishings like a bed, dresser, nightstand and decorations. If you plan to install a bathroom, you will need to think about a bathtub or shower, countertops and mirror.

Expanding Garage

If you decide to simple expand the space to make more room for tools or storage, you might deal with the costs of interior walls and ceiling space. If you intend to keep the space the same and just change it on the inside, you will only worry about buying storage and organization tools: racks, shelves, containers and so forth. These will vary in cost depending on how many you need and whether you decide higher quality ones or the cheap options. For example, you could buy plastic shelving or metal wire shelving, and the price will be different depending on brand and height.


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Gerald Levine More than 1 year ago
This project is not really a garage remodel, but was the "closest" option choice available on this site; therefore, the cost estimate is way over stated!
Betty Welsh More than 1 year ago
first attempt at getting info.  Broke my budget
Suresh Ahuja More than 1 year ago
For the garage, just need to put garage doors, not remodel. The cost seemed to be on a higher side.
THeresa Ordeneaux More than 1 year ago
Contractors are quoting $47K and that is way out of the price range. We are looking for a better price.
Dorothy Flowers More than 1 year ago
no-just want to finish a basic garage for use of parking the car only.  Does not seem to have the right estimate for this simple project.
Tim Maurer More than 1 year ago
Have not had a quote yet, everyone I call does not show up to much work else were. See if the list I have now is any better.

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