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How Much Does it Cost to Refinish an Appliance?

Refinish an Appliance Costs
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Having appliances that do not match your decor is a common problem, especially for a new homeowner who has inherited their appliances from the previous owner. This can be frustrating as buying new appliances when the old ones are working does not make financial sense. In this case, appliance refinishing may be the best alternative.

What is appliance refinishing?

Appliance refinishing is a way of transforming older appliances into new looking ones, through porcelain enamel resurfacing. Appliance refinishing sometimes called Electrostatic Painting, can save time and money when compared to purchasing new appliances.

What are the savings of appliance refinishing?

If your current appliances are working fine, have no chips or dents in the surface, then refinishing them makes much more sense than spending the money for new appliances. So in one sense, you save money by making the decision to refinish rather than replace! There are also often hidden costs with replacement that you do not anticipate such as the cost of removing the old appliance from your home, so refinishing can save in multiple ways.

What affects the costs of appliance refinishing?

There are a number of things that can influence the cost of appliance refinishing. Which appliance you refinish can influence the price as some are larger or more complicated to repaint, and others require high heat paints. The type of surface can also affect the price as plastic, vinyl, metal or ceramic finishes all take the refinishing materials in different ways and some are more complex than others. And finally, whether or not the appliance has to be removed from your home to be refinished can case the price to go up.


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I just need my refrigerator look at its not getting cold and not freeze

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