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How Much Does it Cost to Install Landscape Curbing?

Install Landscape Curbing Costs
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When you think about your landscaping, curbing probably isn't the first word that comes to mind. But one of the secrets to a good landscaping plan is the use of effective landscaping curbing. It's exactly what it sounds like: the concrete curb around your landscaping. The benefits are that it keeps your landscaping or garden in line, and helps keep weeds out of the area. It also protects your plants from lawn mowers or weed wackers much more than the plastic edging that is commonly used. It may be tough to predict what the cost to install landscape curbing will cost as compared to the rest of your landscaping project. Your first step should be to contact a reputable professional who can help you decide what will work best for your home and who can shine more light on what it will cost for your specific needs. Once you've talked to a pro, then a couple of factors will impact the cost to install landscape curbing.


The size of your garden or landscaping will certainly affect the cost to install landscape curbing. The bigger the space that needs to be covered, then the more materials it will take and the longer the professional will be working.


The most common material for this type of project is concrete. The cost to install landscape curbing is also the most affordable with standard concrete. The price will rise if you opt for colored or stamped concrete. Asphalt is slightly more expensive than concrete. If you decide on any other material, like brick, then the cost to install landscape curbing will be higher. Keep in mind that staining or stamping your concrete will cost more than standard concrete, but will mimic the look of an even more expensive material.

Custom Designs

If you opt to design something custom for your landscaping, with the color and material or with the shape, then it will be more expensive. The cost to install landscape curbing will increase the more customized you get, but it will also perfectly enhance your garden or landscaping. Professionals will be able to match the curbing to your design perfectly if you choose, and will have the machines to make the edging in rounded curves or straight lines.
Overall, the cost to install landscape curbing will depend on your outdoor design and how complicated it is. Just make sure to talk to at least three professionals to find someone who can match your design sense and who you can trust.


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Jim Whitten 3 months ago
A cost with no unit price is meaningless
DaWayne Penberthy 6 days ago
I have to agree with Jim.  I need to see the low, mid, high price per foot.  I know that projects vary in the materials and finishes but as it is there is absolutely no value in the data provided. 
Harold Fletcher 5 months ago
The listed contractors do no perform the work listed.
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