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How Much Does it Cost to Install Drainage?

Install Drainage Costs
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$1,829 - $5,026
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Having a drainage system under your home will help to keep your home dry and prevent flooding.

New or Existing Construction

The cost to install drainage in a new home or during a basement remodel will be more affordable than retroactively installing it. One of the reasons it costs more than new construction drainage systems is due to concrete or finished floors removal to dig a perimeter ditch. A hole will also need to be dug in your basement floor underneath the foundation. Removing the flooring will increase the cost to install drainage, and you will incur additional costs for fixing it. However, the cost to install drainage in an existing home may not be as expensive as you might guess. It's also better than paying for flooding damage.

Preventative Maintenance

When remodeling a basement, it pays to think about preventative maintenance. Making sure the walls are properly sealed and installed will help prevent water damage. Installing a sump pump can also help if your basement is prone to water.


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