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Artificial grass turf is the eco-friendly alternative to a traditional grass lawn. Also called synthetic grass or artificial turf grass, this type of product has its roots in professional sports, where low maintenance and everlasting green beauty are essential. These days, synthetic grass looks and feels as good as the real thing, without the costly and work-intensive upkeep of mowing and maintenance.

Advantages of Synthetic Grass

Turf offers a very low maintenance product with no watering needed. It provides a year-round green lawn and is cleaner and more hygienically safe for your family and your pets. Thousands of homes, businesses, golf courses, municipalities, parks and tourist attractions like Disneyland and Las Vegas resorts have turned to synthetic grass to provide a lush, attractive landscape solution that requires minimal resources and maintenance while saving millions of gallons of water each year. Including synthetic grass as a landscaping option in your home is an excellent choice and a proven success all over the country.

Turf Installation

Your contractor will first have to remove any grass or landscaping that you are going to replace with your synthetic lawn turf. Preparation for your new grass is key - and this is where you will incur most of your cost. There needs to be boards installed to perfect the edge of your new lawn. This edging will also hold your grass in place. Drainage must be considered and a base of granite, pea gravel or something similar should be laid down and installed in such a way that there is proper water run-off. Additionally, a weed barrier will be laid down so you won't have to worry about weeds popping up through the artificial grass. Cutting it to shape is as easy as cutting a carpet - so your new lawn will fit your space perfectly!

Children and Pets

You may wonder how your children and pets will react to the artificial grass installation. First, know that it is safe for your entire family - including your pets. Pets tend to treat artificial grass like normal grass - and the clean-up is easy to wash away. There are also disinfectants you can spray on your new lawn to kill any bacteria if this is a concern for you. However, this is rarely needed as a quick spray of the hose should alleviate any waste material. Children rarely know the difference between the artificial turf versus real grass because today's synthetics are so realistic and soft.

How long does it last?

This depends upon the application of course and how much use the synthetic turf has to withstand. Most turf products carry at least a 5 year guarantee but with proper care and maintenance artificial turf surfaces have been known to last for up to ten years. The color shouldn't fade much because most are also UV treated to withstand the sun.


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donna marcelino More than 1 year ago
I'm looking to have approximately 15ft by15 ft of synthetic grass layed on the patio area. I can't seem to get a cost from anyone. Any suggestionsJ
Michael Swartz More than 1 year ago
i lay sod so i was wondering if anybody ever got that done for you?
Mary Ann Porter More than 1 year ago
I have just submitted information in order to get a quote for synthetic grass.

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