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How Much Does it Cost to Seed a Lawn?

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If you're planning on planting a new lawn, you might be looking into your different options for your climate. Having a lawn will increase your property value, but will also give you a place for outdoor entertaining, a play space for kids and pets and a great view. But it can be tough to predict what the cost to seed a lawn will be. It seems like a pretty straightforward job, but there are a few things to consider. Your first step should be to talk to a reputable professional who can give you more of an idea of the best course of action for your specific space. Once you find a professional, then there are a couple of factors that will impact the cost to seed a lawn.

Size of Lawn

The square footage of your future yard will definitely impact the cost to seed a lawn. The bigger the space, then the more materials that will be necessary and the longer a professional will need to work.

Soil Preparation

You'll need to prep your soil before you can plant anything. This requires removing any existing growth like weeds, and testing your soil for any issues. A professional can test your soil for you, but this will add to the cost to seed a lawn. However, it will help you figure out what needs to be done to ensure a good growing environment and might help with the success of your lawn. You'll then want to put down any fertilizers or organic compounds that you'll need for your particular area.

Seed Costs

You'll need to buy the actual seeds, which will obviously increase the cost to seed a lawn. But the cost of seeds, no matter what fancy seeds you buy, will be much less than the cost of sod. This is a cost-effective way of starting your lawn, so you might be able to look into higher quality seeds with the money you're saving. Just keep in mind that although this is more cost-effective, the maintenance for a seeded lawn is higher. You'll have to be vigilant about timing, weeds and germination.

Planting Seeds

From there, the cost to seed a lawn will depend on the actual planting. The soil will need to be leveled and all stones and debris will need to be removed. Then a professional will use a drop- or rotary style spreader, followed by a roller to press the seeds firmly into the ground. After that, mulch is spread over the seeds. The extra materials and tools are something that will affect the cost to seed a lawn, but will ensure that the seeds are planted properly.
Overall, the cost to seed a lawn will depend on the size of your lawn. That will determine how much work will need to happen and the cost of buying the fertilizer, mulch and seeds. This is still a cost-effective way of starting your lawn, however. Just make sure to talk to at least three professionals before you make any decisions. You want to find someone who is well-versed in your local climate and growing conditions.


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