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How Much Does it Cost to Install an Awning?

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Awnings are installed to offer shade or a thin roof for an outdoor area. They're typically installed over a window, door or patio. Installing an awning is a great addition to any outdoor space, and one that could increase the use of your patio. While it's not too difficult to install an awning, it would help to work with a reputable professional. They will be able to recommend the best option for your home and your needs, and installation should go quickly. Once you find a professional, there are a couple of common factors that will affect the cost to install an awning.

Canvas or Metal?

Awnings usually come in either canvas or metal. Canvas awnings will keep the cost to install an awning low because the material is affordable. Canvas is also a durable option, and can add some decoration to the area. These offer the most customization and come in various shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. However, if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions, like rain or snow, then it might not be able to withstand all that weight. The cost to install an awning made out of metal won't be much different from canvas, but they are extremely strong. The downside is that there will be less customization with the looks of a metal awning.

Awning Types

Awnings can be retractable, which means they can be rolled or folded up. Retractable awnings can also be automatic, meaning it would be motorized, or manual. Sensors will determine if the awning needs to be pulled back based on the weather. Motorized awnings are pretty cool, but come with a higher price tag. But if you live in an area with inclement weather, then this might extend the life of your awning. This would eventually save money in the long run, but you need to decide if it's worth the initial investment.

Awning Accessories

Some homeowners opt to install side curtains for additional coverage from the sun. This shouldn't add too much to the cost to install an awning, but it's smart to include this from the get go.

Size of the Patio

There are a ton of types of awnings out there. The cost to install an awning would be more for a full patio than for a window or door. The bigger the space you hope to cover with your awning, then the more the project will cost.
Overall, the cost to install an awning will depend on the type of awning you want, if it will be motorized, and how big of an area you want to cover. However, awnings can help to decrease energy costs by shading openings into your home, by shielding parts of your home from damage from the elements and by sheltering from the sun. Just make sure to talk to at least three professionals to ensure you find someone that you trust and who can help you design the best awning for your home.


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