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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Patio Enclosure?

Build a Patio Enclosure Costs
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The cost to build a patio enclosure depends on what you envision. By enclosing the patio, you add more livable space to your home. Some people turn their patios into sunrooms, while others merely add screens to protect from bugs. There's also the option to completely enclose the room into another regular room on your home.

Roof Installation

If your patio doesn't already have a cover, installing a roof will be one of the biggest costs. In the case of a screened-in porch, you can add an awning instead of a full roof. This is one of the most affordable options for a patio enclosure. Otherwise, a roof will be needed to support the walls or windows that would accompany the project.

Building a Sunroom

If you're building a sunroom as your patio enclosure, the costs will revolve a lot around the windows you choose to surround the room. By installing new, energy-efficient windows, you could save money in the long run. Installing a ceiling fan or air vents will also be important in maintaining comfortable temperatures in your sunroom. Some sunrooms can be installed by kit and assembled relatively quickly from pros, so that can be a more affordable, pre-fabricated option that can keep patio enclosure costs down. Then you will have to consider costs around putting greenery or furniture in the room, depending on how you plan to use it.

Full Enclosure

If you've decided to fully enclose your patio as an additional livable space, the patio enclosure costs will increase. If you go this route, a solid roof would need to be added, as well as walls with windows and a new floor. This would be less expensive than a full home addition but still quite expensive.


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Justin Nickola 3 months ago
I think homeadvisor pricing is pretty far off. I recently had 4 quotes to enclose an existing screened in porch with a good roof and concrete floor to a 4 season room. The quotes ranged from $27,000 all the way up to $49,000. The low quote was for basic work and not finishing the wall that adjoins to the house. I ended up settling for about $33k but they are going to blow out the wall going to the new room with 9 ft french doors and finish the walls and paint to match. A LOT MORE EXPENSIVE than I thought, but I think it will really add value and space to the house. Oh, my room is 11' wide by 23' long
Mary Johnson More than 1 year ago
So far we where quoted 40,000 to do a 13"x14" sunroom.
Ken and Judy Harms More than 1 year ago
Mary, was this a totally new room, I.e. all walls, roof and floor? We want to convert our lanai into a four seasons room, but hope to spend considerably less than $40,000. It has 3 existing walls and a roof. Judy.
Heather Fanning 12 months ago
What area do you live in (if you don't mind me asking)? I was seriously considering this, but this is a lot higher than I expected based on the cost guide estimate.
San Carol 13 days ago
My porches 13 by 7.5   with 8.5  ceiling height. What if the estimated cost for sliding tempered glass windows to enclose?
Chris Harris 30 days ago
Would not spend over $6,000
farrell harris 8 months ago