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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Gazebo?

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If you want to create a beautiful addition to your property, a gazebo adds shelter, elegance and a lovely place to sit and enjoy the outdoors. You may wonder what it costs to build a gazebo. There are a number of factors that will affect the price of building a new gazebo.

Gazebo Materials

Gazebos can be made from many different types of materials. Each one will have a different price point so which material you choose will be one of the single most important factors in determining the price of your gazebos.
Gazebos can be made out of wood, metal or synthetic materials like vinyl. Wooden gazebos are often made form redwood, cedar or bamboo: materials that hold up well in wet conditions.Metal gazebos can be made from lightweight, affordable aluminum, or heavy, durable steel. Long-lasting, low-maintenance vinyl gazebos can be made to resemble wood and metal.

Open versus Screened

An open gazebo provides overhead shelter but a light an airy look and feel. Screened or glass enclosed gazebos can offer protection from the elements and from insects.
A closed gazebo structure will cost more than an open one due to the additional materials and labor

Shape and Size

There are common and standard Gazebo shapes and sizes or you can choose a custom size. Standard octagonal, hexagonal, square or oval shapes can come in kits or pre-made forms that will allow for a lower price, A custom sized or shaped gazebo will cost more. And, of course, the larger the gazebo, the higher the price tag.

Gazebo Roofing

A gazebo can be covered with asphalt shingles, architectural shingles, wood shakes, slate, or tile. Each roofing material will have a different price point associated with it, so ask your carpenter about the differences in price. You may be able to save money with the type of roofing you choose if that part of the structure doesn't matter as much to you. Similarly, if you enjoy looking at the starts you may opt to spend more money and get a glass-enclosed roof.

Gazebo Extras

Make your gazebo as luxurious or as simple as you'd like. Create your own seating with lawn or patio chairs, or have benches and a swing installed. High end options include electrical wiring, plumbing, cable, and a bar.


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