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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Glass Shower Door?

Typical Range: $112 - $298

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Once your shower door installation is complete, the doors require a little maintenance other than frequent cleaning and occasionally tightening a screw. However, you may find that you will need to repair your shower door in a more comprehensive way in order to keep it in good working order.

Leaking Door

If you find that your shower door is leaking, it may need to be re-caulked or have the seals fixed. Depending on whether your shower door is framed or unframed. Framed shower doors are the most common, and unframed doors are made of heavier glass. In either case, if the seal on the tracks has started to leak into tiles, drywall, and flooring where it is causing damage, it must get fixed as soon as possible. Another problem that could cause leaking are damaged gaskets. The material costs to fix these aren't a lot - but the labor of a professional will obviously add to the price. They will make sure that not only are the leaks completely fixed, but they can remove any mildew or old caulks and sealants in the process.

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$112 - $298
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Hanging Door Adjustment

Frameless glass shower doors can hang from an overhead track or from side hinges. Since they do not have a frame, the track or hinges must be attached directly to the glass, or at least appear to be. Actually, the hardware usually clamps the door when you tighten the screws, and a rubber gasket between the hardware and the door prevents damage to the glass. When the screws become loose, the door can slip out (dangerous!) and sag or hang unevenly. These doors are often too heavy to try and fix yourself without risk of breaking them. Your professional can fix the door up without damaging the glass and replace all gaskets and caulking at one time to ensure the life of your door.

Glass Scratches

Shower doors are usually made of Plexiglass or tempered glass. Plexiglass is less fragile than tempered glass, but both types of shower doors are prone to scratches. Scratches can make an otherwise clean shower door look dingy and dirty. Most fine scratches can be removed with the right tools and deeper scratches (such as those that can be traced with a fingernail) can also be removed from Plexiglass, but if it's best to call a professional. The cost of removing the scratches will be less than replacing the glass itself and it will give your shower door a nice, new look. Your professional can restore the glass to near new condition.


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