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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Glass Shower Door?

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Glass shower doors can make great additions to any bathroom as they are attractive and let more light into your shower. It can be tough to predict what the cost to install a glass shower door may be, however. Your first step should be to talk to a reputable professional who can tell you what to expect for your particular situation. Once you find a professional, then there will be a couple of factors that will affect the cost to install a glass shower door.

Door Size

One of the biggest factors in the cost to install a glass shower door will be the size of the opening the door will cover. If you have a bathtub/shower combo, then the door will be larger than that of a standard shower enclosure. Some shower enclosures are larger, as well, and allow for a more spacious, walk-in shower. These doors tend to be custom sized and will also raise the cost to install a glass shower door.

Glass Types

The type of glass that you choose will also impact the cost. Framed doors have a lightweight metal frame around the perimeter of the glass. Frameless doors don't have this frame, but use thicker glass and require specialty hardware and precise manufacturing to eliminate the need for frames. The cost to install a glass shower door that is frameless will be noticeably more expensive than a framed version. However, frameless doors create a more airy effect and look great. Other options are frosted glass, anti-glare glass or tinted glass. The more high-end the glass, the higher the cost of your frameless shower door installation.

Door Types

There are hinged shower door or sliding glass doors. This might be decided by what will work best for your shower, but you might also get to choose. The cost to install a glass shower door seems to be a bit more expensive with a sliding function, but this will also depend on the type of glass. If you choose a framed sliding model, then it would be less expensive than a frameless hinged door. Try to figure out your budget before shopping and decide which is more important to you to keep the cost to install a glass shower door down.

Glass Side Panels

If you have a large shower enclosure and want to install glass side panels as the side wall, then it could be bundled with your door. This will increase the cost to install a glass shower door, but will make your shower very airy and bright.
Overall, the cost to install a glass shower door will depend on the type of glass you prefer and the size of your shower. Just make sure to talk to at least three professionals before making any decisions to ensure you find someone you trust and whose style you like.


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Educated me alittle about frameless showers 
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