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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Mirror?

Typical Range: $157 - $463

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On average, the cost to install a mirror is $296. The cost range falls between $157 and $463. The cost to install a mirror depends on the type of mirror, its location and size.

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National Average $296
Typical Range $157 - $463
Low End - High End $70 - $800

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Mirror Prices

For the mirror itself, prices range widely. You might pay $10 for a simple framed mirror or shaving mirror to $3,000 for a high-end mirror TV, smart mirror or bespoke custom design. This does not include labor, but only the mirror and hardware necessary to do the installation.

Mirror Installation Costs

It costs between $50 and $150 per hour in labor to install a mirror, depending on the complexity of the job and the mirror’s size. If extra wall reinforcement is necessary for heavy or oversized mirrors, the number of hours required (and therefore total labor costs) increase. Remember that if your mirror requires the addition of an extra outlet for wiring or you want lighting added to the mirror, you'll need to hire an electrician, which costs up to $160 per hour.

Usually, mirrors only take 30 minutes to one hour to install. However, handypeople usually have a minimum callout charge, so you'll still pay for the whole hour (if that's their minimum) even if the job only takes them 30 minutes.

Mirror Installation Cost by Size

Mirror installation costs from $6 to $20 per square foot, all-in. The heavier, larger and more complex the mirror, the higher the cost per foot for installation.

Typically, a small, frameless or simple-frame mirror up to 16 inches costs between $10 and $350 to install. A moderately sized mirror with average weight, up to 30 inches in size, costs up to $400 to install.

Larger mirrors up to 50 inches cost up to $525 to install, and oversized mirrors in excess of 50 inches can cost up to $680.

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Mirror Installation Costs by Type

The mirror you choose has a direct impact on the project's cost. Simple mirrored glass in a regular beveled edge frame is purely functional and costs comparatively little. Whereas mirror TVs, anti-fog mirrors and smart mirrors cost more but uplift your home's style.

Mirror TypeTotal Cost
Dresser mirror$50 – $150
Framed mirror$15 – $1,820
Two-way mirror$40 – $290
Venetian framed mirror$100 – $1,650
Lighted mirror$150 – $1,950
Mirrored closet doors$230 – $1,380
Mirrored walls$250 – $2,060
Smart mirror$350 – $1880
Mirror TV$350 – $3,000

Bathroom Mirror Installation Costs

Bathroom mirrors and bathroom cabinets are different than regular mirrors because they need to cope with constant moisture and steam. Therefore, bathrooms need a silver-backed mirror. Because bathroom mirrors tend to be smaller than other household mirrors, they often cost less than larger ones of the same type.

Mirror TypeTotal Cost
Bathroom door mirror$10 – $75
Frameless bathroom mirror$20 – $100
Bathroom powder mirror$25 – $200
Magnifying bathroom mirror$30 – $50
Captain's bathroom mirror$30 – $200
Makeup/shaving mirror$30 – $200
Extending bathroom mirror$40 – $200
Tilting bathroom mirror$50 – $150
Framed bathroom mirror$50 – $200
Lighted vanity mirror$60 – $300
Ledge bathroom mirror$120 – $200
Wall to wall bathroom mirror$125 – $300
Three-way bathroom mirror$130 – $300
Venetian framed bathroom mirror$150 – $250
Recessed medicine cabinet$250 – $500
Lighted medicine cabinet$250 – $700
Magnifying mirror medicine cabinet$300 – $900
Venetian mirror medicine cabinet$350 – $700

Factors That Influence Mirror Installation Cost

Size, type, location and ease of installation all directly influence how much your mirror installation project costs. Expect to pay more if the wall requires a reinforcement plate. Additionally, if you want a recessed medicine cabinet in the bathroom, you'll need to hire a local plumber to make sure there are no pipes close to the surface of the wall before you start the installation.

DIY vs. Hiring a Mirror Installation Pro

It's possible to save money and hang smaller mirrors by yourself if you have the tools and skills. However, remember that mirrors are fragile and if they break, they're dangerous. So, if you're a novice DIYer or if you're hanging anything other than a small mirror, it's best to hire a local handyperson to do the job. They'll have the right equipment and the right skills, and they can make sure your mirror is safe and secure. They'll also know if you need a reinforcement plate and what hardware is the best option for your home.


Do I have to replace the whole mirror or just the glass?

In most cases, you can just replace the glass on a mirror if the rest of it is still in one piece. If you have an antique or vintage mirror, you can also get the frame restored to its original glory.

What's the biggest mirror I can buy?

You can buy mirrors up to 98-by-80-inches and you can have custom mirrors designed that are even larger, but the glass may be in more than one piece or the design may have multiple large mirrors individually framed.

Can you frame a mirror?

Yes, you can frame a mirror to give your living space a little design lift. Have a frameless mirror framed or get an existing frame replaced with something that matches your current decor.

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