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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Mirror?

Typical Range: $157 - $463

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Mirrors make a great addition to any room, but are often relegated to the bathroom. While it's pretty crucial to have a mirror in your bathroom, there are plenty of other places to consider. One of the best qualities of a mirror is that it opens up any space, making it especially good for smaller areas in your home or small apartments. No matter the location, installing a mirror is a pretty straightforward job.
The cost to install a mirror will depend on a couple of factors, but generally fall within the range of what most homeowners pay - between $157 and $463.

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National Average $295
Typical Range $157 - $463
Low End - High End $70 - $800

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The actual mirror you choose will make a big impact on the cost to install a mirror. They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and finishes. There are framed or frameless options, as well. The mirror itself will probably be the biggest expense, so once you figure out your budget, you can go pretty close to that.


If you are opting to install a bathroom mirror, there are a few more considerations. While there are standard flat mirrors like you would use in other rooms, there are also bigger options that are a little more complicated. The cost to install a mirror on a medicine cabinet will be pricier than flat models. There is a wide variety of medicine cabinets out there, as well. So just make sure to figure out your budget before you go shopping. The cost to install a mirror for shaving or makeup is typically more affordable. These mirrors are usually much smaller and don't come with the extra cabinet.


The hardware that you need to install your mirror will most likely come with the mirror itself. But there are a couple of options for installation. Some use brackets; other use picture wire or clips. There is also the adhesive option, which means applying adhesive or glue to the back and applying it directly to the wall. The cost to install a mirror with adhesive is comparable in price to using brackets. Just keep in mind that removal will be much more difficult. If you damage your wall, then you'll end up spending extra money in the long run.
Overall, the cost to install a mirror shouldn't be too expensive beyond what the price of the actual mirror, with the average homeowner spending around $295. Just make sure to figure out your budget ahead of time and consider your means of installation. A professional will be able to help you, as well, just make sure to talk to at least professionals before choosing someone.


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