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How Much Are Average Toilet Or Commode Prices?

Typical Range: $90 - $1,500

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Last Updated: July 27, 2020

Written by HomeAdvisor.

Average Prices of Toilets

The average new toilet unit costs around $500. The price can range from as low as $90 to as high as $1,500 for a standard residential toilet. Features that can increase cost include the height, shape and smart capabilities of the unit.

New Toilet Prices

Average Cost$500
High Cost$1,500
Low Cost$90

A standard western toilet is priced between $90 and $1,500 before installation. Standard models are typically a little over 14 inches tall. They are usually floor-standing and come in basic colors like white or beige. They often do not include additions like bidets, smart features, dual-flush options, commode chairs and wall-hanging units.

Parts of a Standard Toilet:

  • Toilet flush tank
  • Toilet seat
  • Fill valve
  • Wax ring
  • Lid
  • Flapper/flange
  • Pump
  • Handle
  • Float arm

Price by Rough-In or Space Size

average toilet prices range from $90 to $1,500 with an average of $500.

12-inch rough-ins have a wide price range, from $90 to $1,500. Wall-hung toilets are the most expensive, and cost as much as $6,000. The most standard rough-in size is 12-inches. Other sizes include 10 inches, 14 inches and wall-hung.

Toilet Bowl Prices by Shape

Square bowls are the most expensive and cost as much as $600 or more. Round shapes are standard and average about $280. Elongated shapes are only slightly more costly than round ones, at $290 on average.

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Toilet Price List by Height*

Comfort17" - 19"$90 - $1,250
Standard15"$105 - $1,150
Child10" - 11"$100 - $300

*Toilet height is measured from floor to seat.

Two-Piece or One-Piece Units

  • One-piece unit: $150-$1,500. Integrated tank and bowl. No crevice between pieces.
  • Two-piece: $90. Include separate tank and bowl.

Prices for Top Toilet Brands

  • Kohler: $240-$5,650. Provides one-piece, two-piece and wall-hung toilets in standard and comfort heights. Several colors including black, grey and floral.
  • Toto: $250-$13,000. Top-priced toilets have smart capabilities like heated seats and air deodorizers. Also offers standard units at a cheaper cost.
  • Caroma: Contact dealer for prices. Toilets have dual-flush technology and reduce water waste. They come in wall-hung and one-piece styles.
  • Saniflo: $330-$1,260. Provides standard toilets in round and elongated shapes. Also offers marine and RV toilets.
  • American Standard: $180-$4,000. Offers a two-year warranty on many standard models. Smart toilets are also available.
  • Thomas Creations: Ask dealer for costs. Creators of Eco Quattro toilet, which is energy efficient and offers a Hyperion flushing system.
  • Parryware: Check with dealer or manufacturer for prices. Comes in one-piece, wall-hung, close-coupled, European water closet, back-to-floor mounted, squatting pans and bidets.
  • Roca: Contact local supplier for prices. Offers toilets, bidets and smart toilets. Variety of styles, including in-tank, close-coupled, wall-hung, floor-standing and one-piece.
  • Ascent: $1,000 for a full system. Contact dealer for more detailed pricing. Offers a macerating toilet system. Liberty Ascent Round toilet has a three-year warranty.
  • Gerber: $225-$385 for Viper toilets. Some models have two-year limited lifetime warranties. Does not include a toilet seat.
  • Duravit Toilets: Ask your local supplier for costs. Offers WonderGliss coating for ceramic products. Comes in floor-standing and wall-mounted. Toilet seats and tanks are also available for individual purchase.
  • Orin: Contact dealer for prices. Has toilets, bidet washers and hand bidets.
  • Saniton: Get in touch with a supplier for cost information. Offers both urinals and toilets. Come in back-to-wall, one-piece, close-coupled and wall-hung styles.
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Commode Price

An average toilet commode is around $100, or between $35 and $200. A bathroom commode is a portable toilet that includes a frame and some sort of basin to collect waste. You can empty and clean the basin.

Toilet Price List by Model

  • Upflush: $600-$1,300 on average. Can install on preexisting plumbing. Operates similarly to a regular model but grinds up waste before it gets to your pipes.
  • Dual Flush Models: $200-$500 on average. Can flush halfway for liquid waste or completely for solid waste. More energy efficient and helps reduce water usage.
  • Compost Unit Prices: $600 for a basic model. Advanced systems can cost $1,000+. There are dry, electric, solar and portable composting options.
  • Incinerating Toilets: $3,290-$8,500 or more. Brands like Cinderella and ECOJOHN burn waste and run on gas or electricity. This is a waterless toilet option.
  • Stainless Steel Units: This high-end option is not common for residential applications due to the high price. They start at $1,100. are another premium option.
  • Smart Toilet: $2,000-$13,000+. Comes with features like built-in bidets, open-and-close sensors, self-cleaning capabilities, UV disinfecting light and music. European and Japanese toilet prices are higher as they often utilize smart technology.
  • Vacuum Flush Units: Often used on boats and RVs. VacuFlush is a common vacuum toilet brand. Works using stored vacuum energy to empty the toilet bowl.
  • Reclining Options: $800-$1,000. Manufacturers combine commodes with reclining shower chairs to create a hybrid unit.
  • Toilet Sink Combo Price: As little as $90. Can replace a toilet top with a plastic sink or purchase an individual unit. The combo can save money.
  • Wall-hung: $150 - $1,200+. Compact in size, but often more expensive than free-standing models.
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Best Price on Toilets

The lowest toilet price is about $90 for a standard toilet. Different specifications can vary in cost at different manufacturers.

  • Two-piece toilets are less expensive than one-piece.
  • Single-flush systems are cheaper than dual-flush.
  • White or beige finishes are cheapest.
  • Vitreous china is a common inexpensive material.

How to Buy a Cheap Toilet - Buying Tips

A great toilet for a cheap price is fairly easy to find if you know what to look for. Though you might not get it at toilet wholesale prices, here’s a list of quick tips to help you get the best deal: 

  • Skip the bells and whistles: A smart toilet may sound like a great idea, but the extra additions quickly add to the price. Stick to the basics.
  • Consider a used toilet: While not ideal, buying a used unit can work in a pinch if you need something fast. Be sure that it is still in good condition before you buy.
  • Think about dual-flush: It’s slightly pricier up-front, but this system can cut down on your water bill in the long run.
  • Check with a bathroom professional: Many contractors have deals worked out with manufacturers to help get you a great price on a product.
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What’s the best inexpensive toilet?

The best inexpensive toilet is the one that works best in your space. There is no one-size-fits-all option. Ask a toilet installer near you for their recommendation and be sure to get quotes from several manufacturers.

What’s the best toilet for the price?

A good, mid-price toilet is about $500. Look for options that come with a warranty to get your money’s worth.

What’s the best toilet on the market for the environment?

Most consider composting and incinerating toilets environmentally friendly, since they conserve water. Dual-flush and smart units can also preserve water.

Where can I buy a toilet?

Toilets are available for purchase through local home improvement stores like HomeDepot or Lowe’s, and from reputable manufacturers. can also help.

How much do bidet toilets cost?

Bidets cost from $250 to $700. High-end options cost more than simple versions due to features like customizable spray, heated seats and nightlights.

How much is a handicap toilet?

A handicap toilet costs $90 to $1,250. It is slightly taller than a standard toilet. "Comfort height" is another name for this style. 

Do toilets come with the seat?

It depends on the manufacturer -- some brands sell seats separately. The average seat price is between $15 and $50.

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