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How Much Do Window Treatments Cost?

Typical Range: $132 - $1,364

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Last Updated: May 12, 2020

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Cost of Window Treatments

Window treatments cost $747 on average. At the low end, single installs are $50, though some projects can reach $3,500 total for eight windows. Premade materials are $6 to $550 per window and each requires ½ hour to 2 hours labor to install at $35 to $100 per hour. Custom curtains are much more at $500 to $3,000 apiece with the same price for installation.

Average Cost of Window Treatments
Mini Blinds$650
Vertical Blinds$710
Roman Shades$870
Roller Shades$1,100
Solar Shades$1,170
Cellular Shades$1,370
California Shutters$2,200
Motorized Shades$2,570
Plantation Shutters$2,700
Drapes and Curtains$2,950

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National Average $747
Typical Range $132 - $1,364
Low End - High End $52 - $4,000

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Cost of Curtains

On average, curtains cost $370 per set installed or $2,950 for a house with eight windows. The panel sets are $20 to $300 each and rods range from $10 to $350. If you are looking for professional installation, expect to pay $35 to $100 per hour for labor. At that rate, installation for eight windows is $140 to $400. Each curtain rod-and-panel set takes up to 30 minutes to install, or about four hours total.

Curtain Prices

Across all varieties, premade curtain panels are $20 to $300 a set. The most popular styles include:

  • Sheet curtains at $20-$300 a pair
  • Scrim styles for $20-$250 per set
  • Blackout curtains at $20-$300 each set

Beyond the style, the length and width of the curtain panels influences its final price.

Price of Popular Polyester Curtain Sizes


Material matters as well with silk and cashmere at the highest end of the price range for around $120 to $300 for a set. Polyester and cotton are much cheaper at $20 to $100 each window.

Labor Price for Custom Curtains

If you want custom curtains made, expect to pay between $250 to $1,500 per panel. The total depends on their length and width along with the material you choose. Silk and cashmere are the most expensive while cotton and synthetics are much more affordable.

Curtain Installation Costs

Having curtains installed costs about $20 to $50 per window. The labor rate is $35 to $100 per hour. Each set takes up to 30 minutes to install with about four hours required for eight windows.

Curtain Rod Installation Cost

In addition to your curtains, you will need eight rods at $10 to $350 apiece. The $140 to $400 labor charges include installation of the curtain rod. Most of the install involves accurately placing and securing the brackets for the rod. Sliding the curtain into place does not take much more time.

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Average Cost of Custom Drapes

Custom drapes are the same price as curtains at $250 to $1,500 per panel. In fact, these two terms are used interchangeably. Drapes are traditionally long panels that extend past the windowsill. Today, curtains simply come in a wide variety of sizes, including floor length models.

Drapery Installation Price List

As with curtains, drapery installation costs $140 to $400 for eight windows. They take 30 minutes each to install with most of that time spent evenly placing the brackets.

Cost of Window Shades

Type of ShadesAverage Price Per Window

Electric Shades Cost

To install electric shades throughout the entire house, you will pay $340 to $4,800 or $2,570 on average. For a price breakdown, skip to the motorized shades cost below. These shades offer the ultimate in convenience since you can raise and lower them using a remote or smartphone app.

Cost of Roman Shades

For a full house install, roman shades are $380 to $1,360 or an average of $870 total. You will pay $30 to $120 for each shade plus $140 to $400 for the install. Each panel is a single piece of fabric that evenly stacks up when pulled open. As you close the shade, the fabric smoothly unfolds to lie flat against the glass.

Cost of Roller Shades

To have eight roller shades installed across the entire house, the project will cost $200 to $1,920 or $1,100 on average. Each one is $8 to $190, depending on their size and quality of material. At $35 to $100 per hour for four hours, labor is $140 to $400 for the install. Like the roman style, these window treatments feature a smooth single layer of fabric that extends down flat against the glass. To open, it rolls up around a casing rather than pulling into a stack.

Cellular Shades Cost

Cellular shades are $340 to $2,400 or an average of $1,370 for a full house install. They are $25 to $250 apiece and each requires 30 minutes of labor at $35 to $100 per hour. Although these shades look a lot like blinds, they go well beyond simply blocking light to insulate the home as well. Their connected louvers trap air inside to help keep comfortable indoor temperatures.

Solar Shades

To have eight solar shades installed in your home, the total will come to $340 to $2,000 or $1,170 on average. Each set costs $25 to $200 and takes 30 minutes to install. At $35 to $100 per hour, the total labor rate is $140 to $400. With their tightly woven UV-resistant fabric, these shades effectively block the sun’s rays without blocking the view.

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Motorized Shades Cost

Installing remote control shades across your entire house will cost $2,570 on average. The project may range between $340 to $4,800 total, depending on the size and quality of the products. Each one is about $25 to $550 plus $140 to $400 in labor for installation. You can raise and lower the automated shades remotely using a controller or app on your phone.

Blinds & Shutters Costs

The cost of installing blinds is $700 on average across all varieties. You can choose vertical blinds, mini blinds or many other styles, depending on your decor and situation.

Traditional shutters cost $2,200 for labor and materials. They are also known as California shutters. They typically have narrow 2-inch or smaller louvers and come in both hinged and fixed styles.

The average price of plantation shutters is a bit higher at $2,700. These differ from the traditional style in louver size alone. Most have two to three-inch wide louvers, though some can be as big as four inches.

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Cost Factors to Installing Window Coverings

The total number of windows influences the price the most. Other factors include the size of the curtains and where they're installed. If the brackets need to go 80-inches or higher above the ground, then the install will likely cost more. Large curtains are more expensive to install because they need extra brackets and hands.

DIY Cost of Making & Installing Curtains vs. Hiring a Pro

To make and install your own set of curtains, it will cost you $35 to $910 for materials. The total price includes 4.5 to 7 yards of fabric at $5 to $80 per yard plus $10 to $350 for the curtain rod. If you hire a professional to install premade drapes, you could pay between $50 to $3,500. Professionally installed custom curtains are $250 to $1,500 per panel plus $140 to $400 for labor.

To approach this as a DIY project, you will need to have a sewing machine plus all the tools required for the install. When you hire an expert, they will use all their own tools plus bring all the know-how needed to get the job done right. Hiring a window blinds installer near you will likely cost more than DIY, but it will save you a lot of time and effort.


Where can I buy window coverings?

Premade window coverings are available at home improvement stores and direct from the manufacturer. If you want to save money, you can work with a contractor to get them at wholesale prices from specialty suppliers. For custom curtains, you can reach out to freelance artisans or ask a professional for recommendations.

How much do window valences cost?

To have valences installed throughout the whole house, you could pay $1,830 on average. Each one is about $230 for labor and materials, depending on their size, material and quality.

How much do Hunter Douglas window treatments cost?

For the manufacturing and installation of all their different custom plantation shutters, blinds and more, Hunter Douglas charges $20 to $26 per square foot. In their product line, they have everything from vertical blinds and roller shades to drapes and shutters. Their window coverings come with a lifetime limited warranty that improves their value. The guarantee covers their product quality and workmanship. The warranty on cords is only good for seven years and motorized components are covered for five years.

Are motorized shades worth the cost?

If convenience is what you are looking for, then motorized shades are well worth the cost. You could open and close the shades without leaving the comfort of your bed. You just trigger their motion using the included remote or a connected smartphone app. Most companies offer a five-year warranty on their motorized parts, which helps protect your investment.

What is the lowest cost window treatment type?

Out of all the window treatment types, blinds are the most affordable at $700 on average. Although installation is anywhere from $140 to $400, materials are only $6 to $90 per set. Roller shades are also affordable, pricing between $8 to $190.

Why are window treatments so expensive?

Window treatments cost so much because they are a long-term investment. When you buy ones made from high-quality materials, you can expect them to last for years. You can even extend their life by handling them carefully. Cleaning them regularly can also help you get the most value out of the coverings. This will help offset the high initial price by saving you money over the years.

Are custom curtains or drapes worth it?

If you have an exquisite fabric, color or pattern in mind, custom curtains and drapes are well worth the cost. It is not likely that you will find a perfect match by searching through the available premade panels. Instead, you should contact an expert to have your panels made.

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