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These days, blinds are among the most popular window treatment type among homeowners. Not only are they ideal for letting just the right amount of light into any space, but they also come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Essentially, it is possible for homeowners to find blinds to suit the look and feel of any space within their homes. However, blinds can become damaged over time as a result of regular wear and tear. Since blinds are often made up of a series of slats, one of the most commonly needed repairs is that of slat replacement because these can become bent or broken over time.

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Aside from slat repair and replacement, there are some other types of blind repair that are quite common. These include blind restringing, valance clip replacement and motor replacement on motorized blinds.

Regardless of the specific repair or repairs that need to be done on any particular type of blinds, it is important to have the necessary work done sooner rather than later. This will help to keep the blinds from becoming further damaged, which can cost homeowners more money down the road or ultimately require complete replacement instead.

Repair vs. Replacement

Of course, depending on the type of blinds and the repair that is necessary, it may actually be more cost effective for homeowners to simply replace the existing blinds rather than having them repaired. The best way to figure out which option is best is to contact a local company that specializes in blind and shade repair.

In general, smaller repairs such as slat replacement or re-stringing are worth it because they often do not cost much more than $10 to $20. This type of repair may involve replacing broken or bent blind slats with new ones. Furthermore, re-stringing may require the entire string section that holds the slats in place to be replaced.

Blind valance clip replacement also tends to be quite a cheap and quick repair. A blind valance clip is not found on all sets of blinds, but those that have them typically rely on these clips to hold a decorative portion of the blind to the part that connects to the wall itself.

More expensive blind repair may be needed if the blind slats are made of a more expensive material, such as wood. Wooden blinds can cost $35 or more per slat to replace completely. However, since wood blinds are often more expensive to replace, it is usually cost-effective to complete the repair if it is only needed for a few slats.

Homeowners with motorized blinds should expect to spend $70 or more on a new motor, if this is the part that needs to be repaired. Often times, it is easy to diagnose when a new motor is needed because the blinds will not move. However, a blind and shade specialist may need to be called out to assess the blinds and find out for sure.

Overall, blind repair is typically cost effective for custom blinds, as these are quite expensive to replace in their entirety. However, pre-made blinds that are made of cheaper material may be better replaced altogether. It is always a good idea to get a quote from a blind repair specialist and compare it with the total cost of replacement to see which option is best.

Costs and Considerations

The average costs for each type of blind repair are outlines in the descriptions above, but it is a good idea for homeowners to understand what they are paying for when they hire a blind or shade specialist to perform such work. In general, homeowners in need of blind repair are charged for the materials needed to perform the work in addition to a labor cost.

The materials a homeowner pays for when it comes to blind repair can range anywhere from a few dollars to $50 or more. For example, materials costs for replacing valence clips could be as little as a couple of dollars since these are just small plastic clips. On the other hand, replacing an existing blind motor may cost $50 in materials alone, plus any tools that the repair technician needs to install the new motor.

Labor costs can vary greatly from one repair specialist to the next, but most charge by the hour. Fortunately, most blind and shade repairs do not take more than an hour or so to complete, so labor costs often do not add up very quickly. Homeowners should expect to spend no more than $20 on labor costs alone.

Saving on Blind and Shade Repair

Upon determining that blind repair is the better option as opposed to blind replacement, there are some steps that homeowners can take to save money. For example, contacting a few different local blind repair specialists and requesting a quote from each of them can help homeowners to determine who will do it for the lowest price. Still, before hiring anybody for the job, it is also a good idea for homeowners to read online reviews to ensure that the company or contractor has a positive reputation within the community. Only after making sure of this can homeowners hire a blind repair technician with the utmost peace of mind.

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