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How Much Does It Cost To Install Shutters?

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Shutters add a lot of benefits to your home; they add beauty by enhancing your windows, but can also be functional and protective of the glass. Installing shutters may not seem like a tough job, but it requires some skill to ensure they're affixed properly. Your first step should be to call a professional who can help you determine what will work best for your windows and your home. They can also help you predict what the cost to install shutters will be for your unique situation. Once you speak to a professional, there are a couple of factors that can affect the cost to install shutters.

Exterior versus Interior

There are two kinds of shutters: interior and exterior. Interior shutters are a bit more complicated to install with specific window hardware, but can look great. Some come in as a shutter/blind hybrid that can allow for the looks along with light filtering. The cost to install shutters indoors tends to be slightly cheaper than exterior shutters. Exterior shutters are typically fixed to the siding and are non-functional, which allows a lower cost to install shutters. But for shutters that do close, or if you have brick or fiber-cement siding, then it might cost more.

Shutter Shape

If your windows are a standard size and shape, then the cost to install shutters will be lower. For any non-stock sized window, the price will go up to fit that certain space. Custom shutters have an even higher cost, but will fit your home perfectly.

Moving Shutters

Shutters can come in either fixed or operable models. Fixed shutters are basically drilled next to the window and stay flat against your home. Operable shutters have hinges and can close over the windows, which offers some protection in case of a storm. The cost to install shutters that are operable will be more expensive, but might be worth the price if storm protection is something you need.

Material Types

Shutters come in a wide variety of materials. Wood shutters are a popular choice and even those come with a range from redwood to pine and cedar. This will require maintenance over the years, however, so some homeowners opt for vinyl or plastic. Composite varieties are another option, which can mimic the look of wood, but these won't last as long as other materials. Wood shutters can be stained to show the wood grain, but all materials can be painted whatever color you wish.
Overall, the cost to install shutters will depend on your windows, the material you choose and if you want them to be operable. Just make sure to talk to at least three professionals before choosing someone for installation.
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