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How Much Do Shutters Cost?

Typical Range: $1,136 - $3,866

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Average Cost of Shutters

Shutter installations are $2,489 on average or around $1,136 and $3,866 total. On the low end, this project is $100, while high-end installations cost $8,600. The total includes two hours of labor per window at $65 to $105 per hour. The panels are anywhere from $70 to $1,140 each depending on their style, size and materials.

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National Average $2,489
Typical Range $1,136 - $3,866
Low End - High End $100 - $10,968

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Shutter Prices

When sold by the window, shutters are $70 to $1,140 depending on their materials, size and style. Custom styles are usually sold at $20 to $45 per square foot, which includes labor. When purchasing premade models, installation is extra. Traditional panels have 1 ½ to 2-inch louvers and are often referred to as California shutters.

Shutter Price Per Square Foot

Expect to pay $20 to $45 per square foot when hiring custom shutter installers. This rate includes all materials plus labor required for the job. Removal and disposal of existing window treatments may add $100 to $200 to the total.

Cost of Shutters Per Window

Premade models are $70 to $1,140 apiece. Although materials and style factor in, the price largely scales with the size of the window.

Price of Shutters by Window Size

Window SizeShutter Price
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Average Cost of Shutters for a Bay Window

On average, you'll pay $800 for bay window shutters. This includes one 48-inch by 48-inch panel for $400 plus two 24-inch by 48-inch panels priced at $200 each. As the size of the windows increase, so does the total price.

Sliding Door Shutters Prices

To cover a 80-inch by 60-inch sliding glass door, you will pay about $900. The total cost goes up to $1,100 for 80-inch by 72-inch sliders.

Shutters for French Doors

French door shutters are $300 to $1,100. The total depends on the size and material with hardwoods coming in at the top of the price range.

Custom Shutters

For custom styles, you will pay $1,000 to $3,400 total at a rate of $20 to $45 per square foot. The price includes raw materials and creation of each panel plus installation.

Window Shutter Costs by Material

Whether they are custom or premade panels, the material you choose greatly influences the price. Hardwoods are most expensive, followed by basic faux wood and its many variations.

Wood Shutters Cost

When made from quality hardwoods, each panel is $200 to $350. The total price depends on the wood type and size of the panels. Cedar, cypress and redwood are the most affordable options. Mahogany and walnut come at a higher price. Across all varieties, wood requires the most care to remain in great shape.

Cost of Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl comes in at $100 to $300 per shutter, depending on their overall size. This material comes in a variety of attractive colors, including forest green and midnight blue. Vinyl has minimal maintenance needs and very rarely needs replacement.

Faux Wood Shutters

Faux wood brings the cost down to $70 to $300 for each panel. This material has the look of hardwoods without the extra maintenance.

Polywood Shutters

Polywood panels are $100 to $300 a piece. This material looks like wood, but is high-density polyethylene, or HDPE, recycled from milk jugs. As a result, it has a low impact on the environment and does not need much care beyond regular cleaning.


When made from composite materials, each panel is $80 to $300. They are wood fibers mixed with plastic, straw and adhesives. This creates a truly durable product that needs minimal care to stay in great condition.


Thermalite models are $100 to $300 per panel. They mimic the look and function of wood but are actually high-density polymer foam. They are low maintenance and better at blocking light, heat and sound than the other options.

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Shutter Installation Cost

For shutter installation near you, expect to pay $65 to $105 per hour. With two hours required for each window or door, the final price will depend on the scope of the project. An average house has eight windows, which equals $520 to $840 for labor alone. Each French door or slider will add $130 to $210 to the labor rate. With materials included, the project totals $2,200 on average or a typical range of $1,000 to $3,400.

Window Shutters Interior Cost vs. Exterior

On average, exterior window shutters cost $600, while interior ones are $2,200. At $200 to $350 per panel, hardwood shutters are the most expensive interior option. At the exterior, roller and accordion styles are priciest at $300 to $1,000. Installation is extra and usually runs from $65 to 105 per hour. For most interior and exterior installations, it takes two hours per window or door.

Shutter Blinds Cost Comparison

Type of Shutter BlindsPrice Range
Manual Roller Shutters$300-$700
Motorized Roller Shutters$500-$1,000
Hurricane Shutter Cost$100-$400
California Shutters$70-$300
Plantation Shutter Prices$50-$300
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Shutter Estimates by Brand

BrandPrice Per Square Foot
Hunter Douglas$20-$26

Hunter Douglas Shutters Pricing

Hunter Douglas charges $20 to $26 per square foot for their custom products. This includes materials, fabrication and labor. But it does not cover removal and disposal of existing window treatments. On their manual models, they offer a lifetime limited warranty that covers all materials and workmanship. Operational cords receive coverage for seven years, while motorized components have a five-year guarantee.

Sunburst Shutters Cost

Sunburst charges $20 to $30 per square foot. Their rate covers materials and fabrication of the custom panels along with installation. Removal and disposal of the current blinds or other window treatments is extra. Their products come with a lifetime warranty that covers any manufacturing defects and workmanship issues. Their cords are guaranteed for three years and motorized parts have five years of coverage.

Norman Shutters Price

Norman charges $18 to $24 for custom interior window coverings. This includes all materials and fabrication expenses. They also wrap their labor rate for installation into the square foot price. As with the other options, removal and disposal of the existing blinds adds to the total. As a part of their trouble-free ownership experience, they offer a lifetime warranty on all their products. Their commitment only extends to cords for three years and motorized parts for five. This coverage guarantees their manufacturing and workmanship quality lives up to your standards.

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Blinds vs. Shutters Cost

The cost of installing blinds is $700 on average, while shutters are $2,200. The typical range for blinds is anywhere from $200 to $1,200 and shutters are closer to $1,000 to $3,400. Each set of blinds only takes 30 minutes to install and materials are much cheaper as well.

DIY vs. Hiring a Shutter Installer

To get the perfect fit and level install, it is best to hire a window treatment installation expert to do this job. They will use their experience to select the products that look and operate the way you envision. Then, these experts will complete the install to your satisfaction. You can rest assured that they will achieve the results you want in just a day or two.


Are shutters expensive?

When compared to blinds, shutters are the more expensive option. They will last a lot longer; however, as the material is less likely to deform or break with normal use. When extended out across the life of the window treatments, the panels may end up being more cost-effective in the long run.

How much are shutters vs. blinds and how do they differ?

Shutters are $2,200 on average, while blinds cost $700. Blinds only take 30 minutes to install, while rigid panels require two hours. The quality of the materials also influences the final price. Most panels are hardwoods and faux wood instead of the PVC and aluminum materials used for blinds.

Do interior shutters add value to your home?

High-end interior shutters offer a 75% return on investment, or ROI. If the project costs $1,000, then you can expect your home value to increase by $750. This value is only realized when you sell right away, though. The ROI decreases with wear and tear.

How much are shutters at Home Depot?

Depending on the material and size, Home Depot charges $70 to $300 for shutters. Installation is extra, as is removal and disposal of existing window coverings.

How much do shutters at Lowes cost?

At Lowes, premade panels cost $100 to $300, depending on the style, material and window size. The price does not include installation nor removal and disposal of the current window treatments.

How much are Rolladen shutters?

Typically used in hurricane prone areas, Rolladen products are anywhere from $1,000 to $3,400. They provide a custom price based on the specifics of the project. If the install requires removal and disposal of the current window coverings, you may pay more.

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