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How Much Does It Cost To Install New Plumbing Pipes?

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If you're having problems like low water pressure, then it might be time to replace your pipes. Low water pressure can mean that there is corrosion in your current pipes, which could eventually mean holes or leaks that can cause much bigger problems. If you're building a new home, adding to an existing structure or remodeling, then you might also be considering installing new piping. Figuring out the cost of piping can be tricky and somewhat intimidating for homeowners. The first step will be to find a reputable plumber to help you with your project. You'll need an experienced plumber to help you determine which material will work and the best way to install piping with the current state of your home. Once you find a professional, then pipe installation costs will depend on a couple of factors.

Home Size

The size of your home will affect the cost of piping because the larger the home, the more piping that will need to be installed. This also includes the amount of sinks, showers, bathtubs, toilets or anything that will need pipes that are in your home. Having a lot of appliances to set up will raise the pipe installation costs.

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Number of Stories

Another factor for the cost of piping is the amount of stories in your home. The higher that the plumber needs to work, then the higher the pipe installation costs. This will affect the labor costs to get piping up in the top parts of your home.

Piping Materials

There are two materials most commonly used for home piping: copper and PEX. PEX is flexible plastic, which makes it easy to install. This is an especially good option if you're replacing current piping because there might need to be fewer holes opened in walls for access since PEX can be snaked into walls. Other benefits are that the flexibility of this type of piping helps to prevent bursts and is not prone to corrosion. It also retains heat, which will conserve energy. Pipe installation costs will typically be lower with PEX. However, it cannot be recycled and allows for possible water contamination from the plastic, though the risks of that are not proven. PEX also cannot be used outdoors due to UV sensitivity. Copper piping is bacteria resistant, not UV-sensitive and can be recycled. It also performs well in natural disasters and doesn't leach harmful chemicals or gases, making it a good environmental option. However, copper piping can burst and corrode, so that is something to consider depending on your location. Pipe installation costs will be higher with copper piping.

Demolishing Existing Pipes

If you're replacing your existing piping and not installing from scratch, then the amount of demolition required will definitely affect pipe installation costs. All of the factors mentioned above will help to determine the cost of piping if it requires demolition. The more walls that need to be cut, the higher pipe installation costs will be. Overall, the cost of piping will depend on the size of your home and the materials your plumber chooses. Make sure to talk to at least three professionals to make sure you find someone who you can trust. He or she will be able to come up with a plan that will work for your location and your home.

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David Niskala More than 1 year ago
I was charged 5,400.00 for a complete sewer pipe and water lines. anyone have other cost estimates
Cal Davis More than 1 year ago
I had an estimate of $2600 to dig 7 ft in yard and replace one crushed section of pipe.
lisa jordan More than 1 year ago
that's ridiculous price
Julio Nieves More than 1 year ago
I was charge $3,000 for less the 20ft of pipe replacements for a 4hr job. After that anther pipe was leaking and I decided to call another plumbing guy to fix for me. and I show him what has been done and he saw the work. I just ask him how much will he will had charge me without me telling him anything about how much I paid for the work. He will had charge me $1,300 for all the work. Now I'm just upset my wife decided to pay for $3,000 because she couldn't wait any longer. Especially that we work so many hours. Lesson learn. Always get 3 quotes before doing any project or hired anyone else for a job. 
jon thorne More than 1 year ago
how much for on bathroom kitchen and laundry room? i am being charged 3200. my home will be 900sq feet
Olga Perez More than 1 year ago
My bathroom and kitchen are been done as well for 3032.
Peggy Asplund More than 1 year ago
I had Park Mechanical out to inspect my air conditioning and furnace before winter and I ended up spending $8,140 for both units new  plus all new ducting. They also said they needed to bring out their senior plumber to check out several leaks they could see with the water pipes. He said I need all new water piping to the tune of $13,500! What do you think of this price? I did call another company to get an estimate. They will be out tomorrow. Both systems are 25 years old but I'm still not sure it all needs replacing.Any ideas?
frances sharp More than 1 year ago
I hv received bids for 8,000/ 10,000 & felt it was out rages on the pricing.
K Lai More than 1 year ago
The LEN plumber contractor came to estimate for adding a new vovle pipe before the new dish washer can be installed since our old one were too old and no longer the legal type to use.  The charge comes to $500.  Sound a bit high cost for that one thing.  I trust it will resolve the issue so our new dish washer can be installed.
Barry Laffoon More than 1 year ago
My house is in Glendale CA. 3,000 sqft. 4 Bathroom, Kitchen, laundry. One of the bathrooms is upstairs. A 5th bathroom in guesthouse. May also need waste line replacement. How much should I expect this to cost? BTW house will be gutted during remodel so just a plumbing refit price please. Thanks.
joy ronald More than 1 year ago
I am being charged 15,000 to replace the plumbing for 2 baths, 2 kitchens, 2 laundry rooms, 1 laundry sink, 1 water softener and a water heater, is this price excessive
Jessica Celious More than 1 year ago
That's way too much ! Seriously consider Shopping around 

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