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Laminate Flooring Installation Cost

The average cost to install laminate wood flooring is $2,814, with most homeowners spending between $1,396 and $4,235. Adding laminate flooring to a 200-square foot house is about $3,300, but can range from $400 to $5,000. This difference in price is due to the finish, the abrasion rating, and other add-ons your contractor might recommend including.

Many homeowners opt for laminate flooring as a relatively affordable way to achieve the look of real-wood floors. It comes in many styles and finishes, and it is also durable enough to be resistant to scratching and dents. Overall, this can be a great choice for homeowners who like the look of wood but do not want to deal with the expensive price or high maintenance required of them.

Laminate costs vary between $0.70 - $2.00 per square foot depending on type and finish. The most inexpensive types are maple, red oak and white oak. Hickory is the most expensive. Mid-range varieties such as acacia, cherry and beech cost about $1 per square foot. Prices fluctuate seasonally. Winter is usually the best time to buy. Overall cost is based on flooring area and complexity. For instance, a small room might result in a higher price if cutting, trimming and laying in a complex pattern or space require additional labor.
This hardwood flooring alternative is comprised of multiple layers of synthetic material that is bonded together. This often includes layers of natural wood and particle boards to keep costs lower than solid hardwood.
Cost Per Square Foot by Wood Type
TypeCost per Sq. Ft.ColorGrain
Acadia$1.00Light and dark brownDeep contrasting grain
Cherry$1.00Dark red-brownLinear flowing grain with small knots
Beech$1.00Light tan and slightly pinkFine grain that can be placed together seamlessly
Hickory$2.00Tans and red-brownThick grain and intricate looping patterns
Maple$0.70White, off-white, red-goldSwirling long drawn grain mixed with lighter grain
Red Oak$0.70Medium brownHeavy grain with slight variations in pattern
White Oak$0.70Gold-brown and graysSmooth and linear grain
Walnut$0.90White and chocolate huesThick and heavy grain
Technological advancements have allowed laminate flooring to look and feel like natural hardwood floors. Often, the top layer of laminate flooring is a thin piece of natural hardwood. Which means you can feel and see the actual texture of natural wood. This results in the same appearance of hardwood, at a much lower cost.

Cost to Install Laminate Flooring

The average installation cost of laminate flooring ranges between $2 and $8 per square foot. This cost usually includes the cost of underlay and adhesives that may be used. Depending on the type of project – like adding snap together laminate panels - this may be suitable for DIY. Hallways or rooms that do not have obstacles may be an option for DIY work. More complicated projects may require a pro for installation. Professionals are trained to not waste product when cutting pieces to go around obstacles. They are also trained to use mechanical equipment such as a saw. If you choose to DIY be sure to follow all safety precautions when using a saw.
Laminate Flooring Cost Calculator
Wood TypeCost per Square FootEst Installation CostsTotal
Maple, Oak$0.70$2 - $6$2.70 - $6.70
Walnut$0.90$2 - $6$2.90 - $6.90
Acacia, Cherry, Beech$1$4 - $6$5 - $7
Hickory$2$6 - $8$8 - $10
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Labor Costs for Removal & Replacement

Installing laminate is a great way to update the look of your home. Replacing old hardwood, carpet, or damaged flooring using this alternative can add value and modern appeal to your home. You can add it on top of an existing surface such as vinyl tiles or other laminates, which may cut down on removal costs. In some situations, the subfloor of your home may need to be replaced in the case of water damage or rot.


If you want to cut down on costs, you may choose to remove the existing flooring on your own before a contractor comes in to install the new one. Be careful to not damage your home or subfloor in the process. It costs an average of $400 for a pro to remove a 200-square foot area. If the subfloor requires replacement, hiring a professional is highly recommended. They charge about $70 per hour for replacement and new installation.

Replacing Carpet

It is possible to install laminate over short carpet; however, it is not recommended since it may void the manufacturer warranty. If your carpet is glued down, you may need to scrape the glue from the subfloor before installation. It costs an average of $1.30 per square foot to remove and dispose of existing carpet.
Use a Pro for your Flooring Replacement Project
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Laminate Wood Flooring vs. Hardwood

As with any flooring type, there are inherent advantages and disadvantages that come along with the choice of laminate compared to hardwood. The average cost per square foot of a laminate floor is about $1 where the price per square foot of hardwood ranges from $5 - $8. The installation and material cost of installing a laminate floor is about $3,300 which is much different than the $4,500 average cost to install hardwood.
Choosing the right color option and wood type for your home may be a difficult decision. For example, if you have a rustic old farmhouse, a contractor may encourage you to go with an option that is rugged with a lot of hand-carved texture. A contractor will be able to direct you towards an option that is appropriate for the age, style, and color scheme of your home.
To learn more about laminate vs. hardwood flooring to determine which is best for kitchens, bathrooms, and other home surfaces, consult our Comparison Guide.

Pros & Cons of Laminate Floors

One of its biggest benefits is its price, being less expensive than hardwood. It’s also more durable. Laminate is much more difficult to scratch, stain or dent because of the way it’s manufactured. So, in addition to low price and high durability, it also doesn’t need much maintenance. Unlike traditional wood, which may require sanding and a refinishing over time, all it takes to maintain laminate is periodic surface cleaning, which can be done using a mop, water and a mild cleaner.
Laminate flooring can also typically be installed over existing flooring, which can save homeowners a lot of time and hassle. It can also save them money as removing existing flooring can be quite expensive. Homeowners considering the option to overlay should be sure to buy a thicker than average model. This way, there will be less potential for a hollow space to develop between the existing subfloor and the new floor. Even if there is a small hollow space, this will remedy itself in time as it settles and is walked on.


Of course, there are some potential drawbacks to using laminate floors. Some homeowners are hesitant because it's not "the real deal." Some are turned off by the appearance of fake wood, while other homeowners dislike how hard it feels on the feet, but with the right underlay, this can be helped. Laminate, as opposed to hardwood, will yield a smaller resale value on the home.
Consult with a pro when considering laminate flooring
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Other Considerations

Choosing the right laminate is more difficult than it seems because there are so many different types available. Here are some important things to consider while you choose:

Warranty length

Typically, most laminate manufacturers include a warranty with their products. It is not uncommon to find one that comes with a 10-year warranty. A homeowner should take the time to read the terms of the warranty and know what is covered, which can save them a lot of stress and hassle down the road.

AC rating

The AC rating is the industry's way of ranking laminate by durability. AC levels run one through five, with five being the most durable. Typically, the highest needed rating for residential laminate is AC 4. AC 5 is generally used in industrial and commercial areas. AC 1 flooring doesn’t necessarily have to be avoided. For areas with lower foot traffic, such as bedrooms, AC 1 is a perfectly durable option. However, areas with higher foot traffic, like the kitchen and entryway, need a higher durability rating.

Pad/ Underlay

For homeowners who do not want any surprise expenses after buying the flooring, they should find a type that comes with underlayment or padding already attached. Underlay can also be purchased separately and typically comes in 100-square-foot rolls. The cost of one roll averages at about $15 to $20. This price may increase due to quality and thickness of the underlay. The only drawback is that it will take longer to install because the padding will have to be measured and cut separately.


The texture of the flooring is an important consideration since it plays an important role in replicating the look and feel of real hardwood. Most laminate is embossed to create an authentic wood-like look but the level of embossing can vary. Most options offer a hand-scraped wood texture for a real-wood look. A high-gloss texture is probably the best option for a finish that will be the most resistant to dents and damage. Its clean, modern and mirror finish is desirable for many homeowners.
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Working with a Pro for Purchasing & Installation

As with any home improvement project, the best way to get a great deal is to shop around. Be on the lookout for special promotions from local companies. There are often warehouses and liquidators that offer a lower price per square foot with high quality options.
If you are purchasing from a flooring specialist, they will likely install it for you. Before choosing a company for installation, it is a good idea to read third-party reviews to ensure the company is reputable beforehand. Researching your options can save you money in the long run. You can also save by having an accurate estimate of how much a contractor will need to use. This may prevent you from getting overcharged for what you may not even need. The best way to do this is to determine the area of the space to be covered in laminate flooring ahead of time. For square or rectangular rooms, the square footage can be calculated by simply multiplying the width times the length of the room. You or your contractor should round up on all calculations to ensure there is enough material in case of error.
Laminate flooring can be a great choice for homeowners who want the appeal of hardwood without the cost and maintenance. This more affordable option comes in all kinds of styles and finishes, so homeowners can achieve any look they desire in their living spaces. It is always wise to consult a flooring professional when choosing the right type of laminate for your home.
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cassandra Coleman More than 1 year ago
The graph is nice to see what the average cost is. It would be nice to know what they paid by square footage. An average cost of the project is hard to get an idea what my floor should cost. I don't know what size of floor the average is. Does that price include materials or just labor. The other parts of the article are informative some nice to know points of the floor, or things to look for. Thanks
Azat Tadewosian More than 1 year ago
Would like to see an average cost per square foot on installs. 
Marie Laure NOIROT More than 1 year ago
Agree with Cassandra below...Would have like to know the AVERAGE price per sq.ft....
Michael Timmons More than 1 year ago
Do your own home work and find you own installer. Home adviser is a great place to start.
Renee Brown Hall More than 1 year ago
Maryanne Schreiber More than 1 year ago
Very good info. Enables me to feel confident in choosing the correct materials and contractor. And protects this single woman from being exploited!
Malcom Adams More than 1 year ago
Being fully informed is critical to mitigate uh ohs!!!! Home advisor information helps to arm the home owner
Lloyd Jones More than 1 year ago
Need information about noise transfer to lower floors, required by condo's CC&R's .
what is the cost of the best sound proof underlay to be used on existing hardwood floors ?
willie chatman More than 1 year ago
thank for information
John Konkoli More than 1 year ago
Thank you for a very good informational guide line on flooring. It was very helpfull
Penny Gregrich More than 1 year ago
Good information especially on a A value rating of the flooring material I will look to purchase.
randy williams More than 1 year ago
great article thanks for the info
sonia lynch More than 1 year ago
I have one room that I have purchased laminate wood flooring for my family room the measurements are 14"0x 11"4".need an estimate for this only.
Cecilio Cardenas More than 1 year ago
Do you still need price for this project?
Renee Brown Hall More than 1 year ago
This cost is too high. This is a small area - 400 sq ft.
SARITA WILSON More than 1 year ago
I agree with the others, a per sq ft would have been nice to see.  I would also like to have the following  information:  Does the cost include the flooring materials?  Did the homeowner purchase the flooring prior to hiring the installer?  Or did the installer have a selection to choose from?  This is the first time I've had to take on such an enormous task.  I need my living room, two bedrooms, a wash room and a hallway redone.  Thank you Harvey!  
Tyler Orton More than 1 year ago
On average, cost per sq ft is going to be around $7 - $11 per sq ft for hardwood flooring.  This will include materials as well.  The variance in price is due to material cost.  For instance, some laminates are more expensive than others.  True Hardwoods are more expensive both in material as well as labor but certainly worth the investment as it will increase the value of your home.  Labor per sq ft should be right around $3.50 - $7.25 per sq ft.  Variance in the price will depend on your area, competition, type of flooring and floor layout (many nooks and angles will cost more than a basic square or rectangle).  So labor to install laminate for a basic rectangle kitchen that is 100 sq ft, should run you about $400 give or take.  This is just intended to be a guide of course.
gilbert Mathieu More than 1 year ago
sq  footage and aprox labor cost?
gilbert Mathieu More than 1 year ago
good info    sq footage cost?
Nigel Cunniningham More than 1 year ago
This  page was very helpful .
kirit trivedi More than 1 year ago
learn sum facts about laminate flooring ,got some knowledge and understanding
Barbara Ritter More than 1 year ago
Same comment at below.  I'm really looking for an average sq foot cost. I have no idea what the actual size of the projects included in the estimate.
KAREN NEILSON More than 1 year ago
will need more than one quote and samples to the house
Wyona Johnson More than 1 year ago
Any one out there doing the work for $1.00 a sq ft.
Jay C More than 1 year ago
Cost per square foot never features in your average cost?
For example:
You should have data for Cost per square foot - Small projects - 100 sf to 200 sf.
And also Cost per square foot for Larger floors - 200 sf upwards? 

TEENA MABE More than 1 year ago
what is the price range for  "labor only"  installation of laminate flooring for a 11x11 room?
Johnie Williams More than 1 year ago
How much is it to remove and install laminate flooring for  a 950 sq ft
naomi solam More than 1 year ago
Tell us what they paid per square foot.
scott tomei More than 1 year ago

priced way too high, small area . Not willing to pay more to lay it than I paid for the flooring;

average per sq. ft. would be nice . I know I can do a lot better

Cindy Biondi More than 1 year ago
Not very helpful without sq footage to associate this average to
wisam alazzawi More than 1 year ago
its very helpful 
Shirley watson More than 1 year ago
A lot of information that will help to find the right flooring. Things to consider that I hadn't thought about. Hopefully my project will turn out well . Thanks for the info. S.Watson
KAREN GAUMONT More than 1 year ago
I am wondering about putting down laminate flooring on a concrete slab. Doesn't laminate have adverse reaction to moisture and temperature?

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