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How Much Does It Cost To Repair Laminate Flooring?

Typical Range: $302 - $1,085

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Laminate floors provide homeowners with a wonderful option for installing the look of real wood without the effort. These floors do have their own unique set of potential problems from stains, cracks and buckling. However, the repair effort is usually minimal or can be completed effectively by a professional.

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$302 - $1,085
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Stained Laminate Flooring

Stains happen all the time, but it doesn't mean homeowners have to live with them. Stains from spilled drinks, dropped food, blood or even just mud tracked into the house are easy to clean up. This effort takes as little as a few hours of time. An attempt can be made to remove stains with hot water and a mop. Water is the gentlest thing to use on laminate and works well to remove most stains. A sopping wet mop should not be used, and the floor must be dried afterward. Standing water can cause laminate to warp and buckle over time.

Professionals often tackle harder-to-remove stains and brighten floors with either a commercial cleaner or a mix of 1/4 cup vinegar and 4 cups water. The mixture is spread onto the floor and wiped clean in small sections. Blood stains can be removed with window cleaner and a warm, damp washcloth. Nail polish, shoe polish and tar are no problem with nail polish remover. A washcloth dampened with clean water should be used to wipe down the floor afterwards. If the stain just will not budge, it may be necessary to replace that section of the laminate floor.

Cracked Laminate Flooring

Water moisture or age is usually the cause of cracked laminate flooring. Moisture expands the wood laminate and causes it to split as it dries. Old laminate floors also become dry and brittle, increasing the chances of cracking as people tread on them. Minor cracks and scratches can be filled in with wood crayon or wood putty, depending on the severity of the damage. Majorly split floorboards need replacing.

Replacing a Single Laminate Floorboard

Laminate floor is designed for quick, easy replacement of damaged floorboards. However, if most of the floor needs replacing, it may be necessary to call a professional to complete the job. Supplies needed for the project include a replacement floorboard, hammer, flat-head screwdriver and trim nails. The professional will locate the wall closest to the damaged board and use the hammer and screwdriver to pull the baseboard away from the wall. The laminate floorboards will be pulled up ? wood laminate uses tongue and groove sides to stay in place ? to get to the damaged board. The professional will remove the damaged board and slide the replacement floorboard into its place, then adjust the rest of laminate floorboards back into their original positions. The process ends with hammering the baseboard back into place with the fresh trim nails.

Cutting Out Broken Floorboards

Homeowners who don't want to bother pulling up a large section of the laminate flooring can also just have a professional cut out the broken floorboard. This saves on the time and energy investment in the project. Workers need a few tools for this job, including a drill, replacement floorboard, wood glue and a small handsaw, circular saw or reciprocating saw. Not everyone has the tools for this particular job. Consider using a contractor who can quickly cut out a single board and slide a new one into place; a contractor will take the following steps.

Drill four holes just inside the four corners of the broken board. Drill a fifth hole in the center of the board. Make two diagonal cuts from each top corner hole through the center hole and to the opposing corner hole. Make four cuts around the four corner holes, then remove the four pieces of the broken board. Make small diagonal cuts from the four holes to the outer edges of the remaining piece of board and remove pieces. Cut the tongue off the replacement board. Apply a thin border of wood glue around the sides, including in the groove. Slide the new board into place. Wipe away excess glue. Place a heavy weight on the board while the glue is drying.

Warped and Loose Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors warp due to moisture in the house either under the floor or in the walls. This increased moisture causes the boards to warp out of place. Before taking drastic measures, place something heavy on top of mildly warped boards. This may help to press the boards back into place.

If the boards across the entire floor are warped, homeowners should have a professional replace the spacers along the perimeter of the floor with smaller ones. A hammer, flat head screwdriver and trim nails are needed. A professional will use the hammer and screwdriver to pull the baseboard molding away from the walls. The spacers will be pulled out and replaced with the new smaller spacers. The floorboards should be pressed down by hand to ensure that this fixes the problem. Once all the boards are flat, the professional will nail the molding back to the walls.

Buckling Laminate Floorboards

Buckling is usually caused by an uneven sub-floor or damage to the sub-floor that has made it weak. Water damage is often the culprit with wood or composite sub-floors. Before the buckling can be fixed, the sub-floor must be repaired. A licensed contractor can identify the cause of the damage and repair it. Once this is completed, homeowners may find that the buckling stops on its own. If not, the contractor can replace buckled laminate boards to finish the job.

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