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How Much Does It Cost To Mount A Tv?

Typical Range: $162 - $365

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August 6, 2021

Reviewed by Andy Kilborn, Expert Home Building and Remodeling Contributor.
Written by HomeAdvisor.

Flat Screen TV Mount Installation Cost

Installing a TV costs between $162 and $365 or an average of $263. Costs usually run anywhere from $100 to $600, though you could pay as low as $80 and as high as $1,150. Prices include labor, but may or may not include the mount, and vary depending on the size of the TV, type of mount and complexity of the job.

Average Cost to Mount a TV

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National Average $263
Typical Range $162 - $365
Low End - High End $99 - $600

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TV Wall Mount Installation Cost

A TV wall mount installation typically costs $290. You could pay upwards of $470 to $600 if the installation requires more work. Bigger TVs, bigger mounts, tricky locations and difficult wiring jobs spike up costs.

Wall-Mounted TV Installation Costs

A wall-mounted TV installation often ranges from $100 to $600. Hiring an electrician costs between $50 or $100 per hour, while handyman rates can run from $60 to $130 per hour. These prices typically include the wall mount, but that’s not always the case. Contact TV mounting services in your area for the best quote.

You might encounter additional costs for this project:

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Cost to Mount TV and Hide Wires

Mounting a TV and hiding the wires in the wall could run upwards of $1,000 or more. If you opt for cable covers that adhere to the wall, you won’t pay nearly as much. These kits run from $10 to $40 for materials only, not counting labor.

If you want to hide the wires inside the wall, then the cost to install a flat screen TV will increase. This is a good option, however, for maximum concealment and safety from children and pets getting to the wires.

Cost to Mount TV Over Fireplace

You can expect to pay between $175 to $400 to mount your TV over the fireplace, though you might need a mantle to create a safety barrier.

In some cases, the location of the TV will impact the cost of installation. If it's difficult to access, then it might be more expensive. This will also affect the degree of difficulty for wiring. You'll want to make sure you pick a spot that is visible from as many places as possible and that is at a comfortable height.

Cost to Hang a TV

The average cost to hang a TV is about $300, though prices could range from $100 to $600 or more. Talk to a professional TV mounting service near you for a quote.

Consult with a Local Handyman for Your TV Hanging Project

TV Wall Mount Prices

Wall mounts range from $15 to $420 or more. Fixed metal brackets are the least expensive, usually costing no more than $100. Some fixed models run between $30 and $50.

One of the most important aspects of TV installation is obtaining the proper bracket. A specialized bracket will ensure that the TV doesn't damage the wall or fall from its mount. There are a range of brackets or mounts to choose from. The more complicated the bracket, the more the cost to install a flat screen TV will be.

TV Mount & TV SizePriceNotes
MOUNTUP for 26"-55" TVs$17Anti-glaring tilt feature, tilts no more than 10 degrees
Mounting Dream, 32"-55"$40Includes a swivel and tilt, articulating dual arms, holds up to 99 lbs.
Langley Street™, up to 78"$200Floating TV stand design.
Latitude Run®, up to 70"$420Floating entertainment center, features top and bottom LED lights.

DIY vs. Hiring Professional Wall-Mounting Services

The last thing anyone wants is to hear their expensive 4K TV crashing to the ground because of a DIY installation gone wrong. Hiring a professional is relatively inexpensive and well worth the peace of mind.

Television installation costs depend on the complexity of the model you choose, how you want to conceal the wiring and if you decide to tack on any extras. Regardless of what you choose, a professional will definitely help you unpack, assemble and connect your system.


What is a flat screen TV?

A flat screen TV is a common type of TV that has a flat-panel display. Older television sets were boxy and impossible to mount flush to a wall. Flat screens are known for their thinness and sleek, modern look. They make a room feel more open (especially when mounted to a wall) because they don’t take up much space.

How much is a TV?

TV prices can cost anywhere from $70 for a 19-inch flat screen, up to $4,000 or more for a 77-inch, 4K model. The higher quality picture and the bigger the screen, the higher the costs.

How much is a TV mount?

TV mounts span from $15 to $420 or more, depending on the type of mount. Metal mounts and fixed models fall on the less expensive end of the price range. Floating or full rotation models cost more. Bigger flat screens often require more expensive mounts as well.

How much does it cost to hide TV wires?

Hiding TV wires can cost anywhere from $10 for a cable cover to $1,000 or more if trying to hide wires in the walls. Even though the latter option costs more, it offers a sleek look and an added safety precaution for kids and pets.

What are We Hang TVs prices?

We Hang TVs or iHangTVs is a TV mounting company in Alabama and Georgia. Their prices depend on the job and you’ll need to contact them for an estimate.

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