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How Much Does It Cost To Install Or Replace A Faucet?

Typical Range: $162 - $354

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April 5, 2021

Reviewed by Jeff Botelho, Licensed Journeyman Plumber.
Written by HomeAdvisor.

Faucet Installation Cost

The cost to install a faucet is between $162 and $354, with the average being about $253. A qualified pro can typically install a new faucet quickly, depending on factors such as the condition of your pipes, location of the sink and the type of faucet.

the average cost to install a faucet is $250 or $100 to $575

Installing a faucet can revitalize your kitchen or bathroom. It may not seem like a small project could make much of a difference, but it can greatly increase your satisfaction with your house by helping with daily chores and improving your kitchen or bathroom’s appearance. A new faucet can be a DIY job if you just need to replace it, but a general contractor or licensed plumber should perform any plumbing work.

Average Cost to Install a Faucet

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National Average $253
Typical Range $162 - $354
Low End - High End $91 - $585

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Cost to Install a Kitchen Faucet

The labor cost of installing a kitchen faucet ranges from $260 to $480, assuming you don’t need any upgrades like new plumbing. This cost is higher than for bathtub faucet because kitchen faucets tend to be larger and thus more expensive. They also have more features than bathtub faucets, so they take longer to install.

Cost to Replace a Kitchen Faucet

Replacing a kitchen faucet is the same task as installing one, except that it also includes removing an existing faucet. The only additional cost is the time needed to remove the faucet, which should be less than 30 minutes.

Kitchen Faucet Installation Costs by Type

Kitchen faucets are available in several types, which can affect the installation cost. The most common price range for a pull-down faucet is $150 to $200, while a pull-out faucet typically costs $100 to $150. The most popular bar faucets cost between $50 and $100. A pot filler has a typical price between $150 and $200.

A pull down faucet has a built-in hose and snout that allows you to pull it closer to the sink. A pull-out faucet has a nozzle and hose that pulls out and away from the fixture. These faucets are great for cleaning dishes, washing fruit or vegetables due to their flexibility.

A bar, or prep, faucet usually has a high gooseneck that allows glasses and pitchers to fit under them comfortably. They don’t have built-in sprayers and usually can’t move.

A pot filler has a long, jointed arm that allows this faucet to swing out and is usually mounted over a stove or near a sink.

pull out faucet above kitchen sink
by Artistic Tile Creations, Overland Park, KS. Kitchen faucet installation in Kansas City, KS costs $160 to $375.

arc faucet on kitchen sink
Traditional low arc sink faucet

pot filler faucet over stovetop
by New England Tile Install, Inc., Farmingham, MA. Installing a kitchen faucet in Boston costs most homeowners between $170 and $350.

Kitchen Faucet Prices by Brand

BrandAverage Unit Cost
Kohler$30 - $2,400
Moen$50 - $1,000
American Standard$60 - $540
Delta$50 - $700
Pfister$40 - $600
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Cost to Install a Bathroom Faucet

The most common price range for a bathroom sink faucet is between $100 and $150, assuming it doesn’t require new plumbing. Otherwise, it will cost a few hundred more, depending on the amount of plumbing that requires replacement. Functionality is generally more important than flexibility or upgrades for a bathroom sink faucet.

Cost to Replace a Bathroom Sink or Vanity Faucet

As with kitchen faucets, replacing a bathtub sink or vanity faucet requires the additional step of removing the existing faucet. The time that a handyman or plumber needs to remove this faucet should be less than 30 minutes.

Price to Install Bathroom Sink Faucets by Type

Bathroom sink faucets have a few types of handles for hot and cold water, including knobs, levers and crosses. These faucets are the easiest to install, with the lowest costs. Knobs and levers typically cost between $100 and $150, while crosses cost about $200.

Joysticks use a single fixture for both hot and cold water, and have an average cost of $400 to $600. Faucets with push buttons are more difficult to install, with typical costs in the range of $200 to $400. Touchless faucets average between $300 and $400 and are also more complex, so they require a professional installer.

cross knob bathroom sink faucet
Cross sink faucet knobs

joystick sink faucet
Joystick Faucet by Sam Boyer Construction, Denver, CO. Bath sink faucet installation in Denver costs most homeowners between $180 to $380.

traditional knob faucet
Traditional knob faucet

push button wall faucet
Push button wall faucet

motion sensor bathroom sink faucet
Motion sensor touchless faucet.

Bathroom Sink Faucet Prices by Brand

BrandAverage Unit Cost
Premier$50 - $140
Krause$100 - $200
Kokols USA$160 - $340
Hansgrohe$100 - $900
Danze$170 - $370
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Cost to Replace a Bathtub Faucet

The most common price range for a bathtub faucet is between $300 and $400, assuming it doesn’t require new plumbing. The main reason they cost more than bathroom sink faucets is they must handle a much higher flow rate, typically about three gallons per minute. The kits for these faucets also include the shower head in most cases.

Price to Replace Tub Faucets by Type

Bathroom faucets are commonly available with knob, lever and cross handle types. The most common price range for all of these handle types is between $300 and $400. Other handle types such as joysticks, push buttons and touchless aren’t common for bathtub faucets.

Deck mount

Arts & Crafts Bathroom by Precision Plumbing in Temperanceville, VA


Modern Bathroom by Prestige California Builders, Inc. in Reseda, CA

Wall mount

Contemporary Bathroom by Handy At Home in Bedford, TX

Bathtub Faucet Prices by Brand

BrandAverage Unit Cost
Kingston Brass$100 - $1,000
Barclay Products$100 - $1,000
Water Creation$100 - $400
Glacier Bay$50 - $600
Moen$50 - $1,000
Kohler$40 - $3,000

Faucet Installation Cost Factors

Water control and efficiency are some of the more complex factors that affect the material cost of a faucet. Bathtub faucets require greater flow volume, while kitchen faucets need more control over the flow rate. Additional factors that can affect the cost of the faucet include the handle type, materials and finish.

Features like lighting and filtration systems may require you to spend more on the initial faucet installation. Furthermore, the original connectors or mountings may suffer damage during the original faucet’s removal, whether it’s through carelessness or necessity.

Labor costs are highly dependent on whether a general contractor can do the job, or if you need a licensed plumber. A plumber typically costs much more, which may be necessary for complex jobs that require you to replace plumbing. This often occurs when the existing plumbing isn’t up to code. The condition of the current faucet is also labor cost factor because it can take longer to remove if it has broken or rusted parts.

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DIY Faucet Installation vs. Hire a Pro

Homeowners will often be able to replace a faucet themselves if it just involves removing the old faucet and installing the new one. However, this process often requires a pro to make adjustments, as the mountings and connectors of the two faucets are rarely the same. This is most likely to be the case when the faucet is an upgrade, rather than a simple replacement of a faulty faucet.


Do you need a plumber to install a faucet?

A licensed plumber should perform any installation that requires modifications to actual plumbing, which generally includes any work within the walls of your house. While this is generally a good rule to follow, it may also be a legal requirement depending on the exact faucet repair.

How long does it take to replace a faucet?

The length of time needed to replace a faucet depends on the specific tasks it includes. An experienced DIYer should be able to complete a simple replacement within an hour, once the tools and materials are available. A complete installation requires an average of about 7 hours and 10 minutes and includes tasks such as preparing and protecting the area, removing the old faucet and installing the new one with new supply lines.

How much is the labor cost to install a faucet?

The typical labor cost of a plumber ranges from $85 to $105 per hour. Physical location is one of the main cost variables, which is usually more in large cities. The cost of a general contractor is less than that of a plumber.

How much does a plumber charge to install or replace a faucet?

The cost to hire a plumber for a complete project averages between $610 and $760. This total assumes a project requiring about 7 hours and 10 minutes and a rate between $85 and $105 per hour for a plumber in your area.

Do you need plumber’s putty to install a faucet?

You can use plumber’s putty to create watertight seals around a faucet, although plumber’s tape is also a common solution. However, you shouldn’t use putty in applications requiring adhesive strength.

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