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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Professional Organizer?

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In many families with both parents working outside the home, it is difficult to find the time to do all the things you want to do to take care of both your job and your family and still do the mundane daily tasks that fuel your life. Sometimes we all wish we had someone to organize the bills, schedule all the dentist appointments, make the shopping lists, and do whatever else it takes to run the logistical part of family life. We have all wanted a professional organizer or personal assistant at some time in our lives, but in most cases we assume that hiring a person like that is a privilege reserved for the very rich. This is not true! Here are a few factors that affect how much it costs to hire a personal assistant or professional organizer

How They Will Charge

Most professional organizers will charge you per hour for their time. The best place to begin is to contact at least three or four professionals and consult with them about their rates, what you want to have them accomplish and how many hours they think that might take. However, some professionals will charge by the day, or by the task. Ask them to quote a price for a day rate or for a specific project you need help getting accomplished. These rates may work out to be much less than an hourly rate

Type of Task

If a professional organizer or personal assistant has expertise in a specific area, they may charge more for that than for basic daily tasks that could be accomplished by anyone. For example, if you need help organizing or balancing your financial books, customizing the programs on your computer, or writing a report for a committee at your child's school, and the pro you speak to has an accounting degree, a computer science degree, or a journalism degree they may charge more for those types of tasks. However these extra charges may well be worth the money if the level of professional service you are receiving I that much higher.

Do They Clean?

Most professional assistants or organizers are not the same as housekeepers and are not expected to do housework. Their primary goal is to help you get your life organized, to help with the tasks to achieve that, and to figure out a schedule and a plan for you to stay better organized in the future. Some pros, however, will be happy or willing to include household tasks as part of their duties, but will usually charge more for this. Make sure to discuss this ahead of time with your pro before they begin, so there is no miscommunication in this area.


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